Friday, October 9, 2009

Its a rainy day in Aggieland

So this weekend I am experiencing life as an Aggie! Its been fairly exciting and extremely overwhelming but i think its obsession worthy! ha! Yesterday Amber Thomas and I arrived at about four o clock! It was a beautiful arrival... we were def freaking out along the way!! We pulled up at Janie's house where she graciously met us outside and then knocked me on the grass.... We went into the house and hung out for a bit. I had previously requested that Janie have Amber and I a hot meal waiting for us on the table upon our arrival... but since her roomies like us better they made a tasty meal! We then went to HEB to purchase some necessities, then back to the house to watch a little television and of course, a dance party!! It was fabulous... one of the best ones yet! Its nice to see her roomies dance with her where as Beth just stares at me while I dance... or it does not even phase her because she is use to it!
This morning we woke up early because Janie had to work... that was hilarious within itself! She drives a bus so i sat on a bus for two hours and shadowed her while she was working. I creeped various sorts of people on the bus as well! Its been pouring down rain all day so i have spent most of my morning soaking wet! We then went to lunch and now janie is in class! What am I doing you may be asking yourself if she is in class... well good question. Im sitting in this funny RPTS computer lab with funny people and a funny professor just creepin around.
Things are done a lot different in Aggieland than they are in Wildcat land... for instance... people ride bikes all around campus.. the bike racks are intense! They favor the bike racks at Wal-Mart immensly! At LC if you ride a bike you are just considered lazy and people stare! Also, janie was freaking out because she only had 25 minutes to get to class... At LC you are thankful for those 25 minutes because there is still time to get A LOT of stuff done! People run to class in aggieland... at LC if you run to class people, and by people i mean me and my friends, yell out funny boy/girl running! Also, why is it that in aggieland these people think its weird i only have five people in my classes... oh maybe because they have like 300 in a class. Buses... people take freaking buses around campus... I on the other hand take a bus on youth mission trips. Its also really cool to wear tights under shorts here... At LC you wear tights under shorts only if you are going to work out and mostly not even then.... Maybe i will try it! People take naps in random buildings as if its okay, no one even says anything about it! At LC the only acceptable place to take a nap is in your room! Also, people under the age of 22 have their own houses... like real life grown up houses where they are allowed to have candles, stoves, hot plates, and other items that are not allowed in a cubicle that is called a dorm! Oh parking garages... please notice i said more than one garage.. they have those too!! We, at LC, have a circle and some parking lots.
My experiences here are not yet over but these are just some of the things I have noticed! As much as I think I could be obsessed with this place, I really am content with LC! I like that its small and i like that people tell people hello even if you don't know them!!
Boyfriend, Week 2: Cody and I have been dating for a week and four days now! We went on our weekaversary to McAllisters and then we made a trip to the mall! It was fun! We are continuing to learn more and more about one another and we pretty much act like we are in fourth grade but I love it!! We are going pretty strong! He does not have texting so that forces better vocal communication which is obviously wonderful! It stinks in times like this where he is at football and I am out of town constantly surrounded by people so we can not always speak!
okay well its only me and a strange man in the lab now so I'm going to stop typing. Ill continue this post later!