Wednesday, September 1, 2010

oh heyy

oh hey there, my name is Shannon Smith, BSW. You may know me... but you could have also forgotten me because its been a billion years since i have updated! I dont really have any amazing jam story for the month but i will tell you some things.
I have officially entered the world of being grown.... i work constantly and am okay with it because i would not have anything else to do during the day. I am currently saving up for a car which im almost about to have... im looking at a 91 cadillac. its okay if you are jealous. If i get him his name is going to be harold and he is blue!
i also was a grown up and payed my credit card off, its really an amazing feeling of freedom!
The Lords provision in my life lately has been ridiculous and he has been teaching me!
I moved out of my house and into an apartment with a friend. She so graciously took me under her wing until i go to grad school in a year! That was def a blessing from the Lord.
He has been teaching me a lot about boys being men and how rare that actually is in todays world. A good pal told me that girls dont require chilvary anymore, which is why its dead. That totally makes perfect since and its a little sad. Also, about men being spiritual leaders and continuously making an effort to encourage you in the word . Really just a lot of things that are going to be ultimate jams when i get married! My favorite is when the Lord teaches you something, but also displays it so it can be more real! Not only in this situation, but many!
I take the GRE on september 17th! Im so nervous about it but i would really be okay with taking it tomorrow and getting it over with! then the next day i have a shower and a wedding for two ultimate friendsies. Then the next day i leave for the beach with 4 of my best friends!
I am in the process of planning a trip to new mexico with my friend HannaH, which im way excited about! We are going to see my family who i have not seen since i was in high school! Its going to be the highlight of my year im sure!!
I realized i have the coolest siblings ever. My oldest sister who is funny and is learning about growing up. Its a cool process to watch. My oldest brother, well he is interesting but i wouldnt trade him. My other older sister, we are pals and we are similiar. My little brother, he is so thug lyfe he doesnt really know what to do with himself. For an outsider, its kinda life changing! We are all so different but we really do make the perfect set of brothers and sisters! then there is my twin... i want to be her. Or at least have her heart.

i tried to change things a put a picture of harold but it was taking too long. dont hate me!