Sunday, January 10, 2010


Oh man, a lot has happened since the last time i posted something about a month ago! For starters... its 2010.... i graduate college soon. that is weird.
I went to The Passion conference in Atlanta. It was so good and the Lord did a lot. He was preparing me for things that i did not even know at the time. Probably the most Jam thing that happened at Passion was a breakout session i went to with Ben Stuart from aTm speaking. The title of his session was "what are you going to do with your life" That is something i have def been looking for considering i graduate in may and have no clue what is in my future. He was talking about how when knowing the will of God there are two things... Preceps- things that are in the bible (ex: worrying... the bible flat out says dont do it.) and Providence- things that happen along the way. (ex: there is nothing in the bible telling me what grad school to go to) So here is the jam thing... ready.... You cannot seek the will of God while you are violating it. Yes i know that is a lot to take in... but its worth it. That has stuck in my head since i have left the philips arena! So many other jam things were said... but lets be real.. i would be writing all day.
Other news... im not living on campus this semester.. im officially a commuter! I decided there was no point to live on campus since i will never be there due to my internship, which starts monday! I will be at Tioga High and im so ridiculously stoked about it!!! Its going to be such a learning experience staying at home since i have not really lived there in almost four years! But we are saving a lot of money which i possibly get to use to get a car with... im way stoked about that!!! I know that this semester is going to bring a time of learning, conquering fears, growing and so many other wonderful things... but im not that naive, i also know that it is going to bring times of sadness, stress, and frustration. I trust that the Lord is going to do so much and even though im out of control scared and unsure... a little part of me is semi excited.
Grad school.... lately i have been thinking about Baylor in Waco, TX.... six hours away.... its far away but i think it will be a good change. If that is my decision its def going to be hard to leave... but i will come back and visit... and i will expect welcome home prizes from all of you... thats if this thing does happen. I mean lets be real this is the third grad school that i have said i was going to go to... maybe i will not even go to grad school... who the heck even knows!! If Baylor is my choice i will live with a camp friend in an apt that is not far from a basketball court... so i mean... im not complaing.... boys.... :)
Okay... ill update more eventually... a downfall of moving home is i will not have internet :(