Friday, September 30, 2011


It's Friday, WHOOP!!!! I'm so excited about this particular Friday because my lovely Jon Jon is here!! He finally made it last night!! Today we have a lovely day of shopping around, eating, coffee, and holding hands!  :) For now, I'm linking up with Lauren for my new found love... Fill in the Blank Friday!

1.   My current obsession is      the new Demi Lovato album and the Pumpkin Spice Latte

2.    Snack time      make me happy.

3.  My greatest strength is   my ability to meet everyone on their level.

4.    Fear   is my greatest weakness.

5.  My life is    is currently being filled with school and internship, oh and wedding planning :) But, I wouldn't trade it because it's a season of growth.

6.  In high school I was     such a nerd and so shy .

7.  When I'm super tired    my right eye gets droopy  .

What is YOUR current obsession?!

Thursday, September 29, 2011

One Year.

Yesterday was mine and Jon Jon's one year anniversary of dating!! Let me just say, it's been the most wonderful year ever! I love learning with him and learning about him! :) I just love him!! It's been hard and sometimes I want to punch him in the face but I wouldn't trade it! Sometimes I'm kind of annoying, so I'm sure he wouldn't mind clocking me one good time either ;) I am so thankful for a man that pursues me through the Lord! Even though we couldn't spend the day together due to distance we still had a lovely phone date! Plus he is on his way to see me RIGHT NOW and he has tons of surprises for me this weekend!!! EEPPSS! #excited 

peace. love. anniversary

Monday, September 26, 2011


Since my dearest Jon Jon and I are currently separated by two hours, we do not get to have dates all the time like we use too. Since we are rather innovative this happened

That my friends is a skype date by candle light :)
So do we call that a skandle light date?
Please don't laugh.
You gotta do whatcha gotta do!
Plus he loves to pursue me.
No worries, he is coming in town on thursday and we get to go on real life dates!!!!

Friday, September 23, 2011

blank this. blank that.

One of my presh bloggy friends always does Fill in the Blank Friday's and I kinda of or may not think it's a jam. So I clicked the link on her blog that said fill in the blank creeped around and found out where she got it from. So with all that said, I going to take this lovely friday and join in with Lauren and participate in this mug. Ready, set, fill...
1.   The best thing I did all week was     bake a cake with some kid at internship and get a free milkshake, dont judge me for my ultra lame week.

2.    Mail      make me super happy.

3.  Pets are   legit, well some of them   .

4.   My pals and my Jon JOn  is the best thing about my life.

5.  With the cooler weather I am looking forward to   going outside and not sweating as soon as I step out of the door. 

6.  Something that's on my "wish list" right now is     a pair of really cool shoes and maybe chick fil a oh and some starbucks.   .

7.  This weekend I am going to    get caught up on some school, go kayaking, and bake some M&M Cookies!  .

What does your weekend have in store?! blanks

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

funny days.

Today was the most hilarious/weirdest day I have had in a long and here is why:
we got a new kid at my internship. He LOVES the ladies.  I heard this among many things today...  "im not gonna lie I dont like white girls but you cute" seriously?! No worries, thats not the worse of it but I'll keep the rest to myself. ha!
Oh and we baked a cake together. We aren't suppose to have our phones at internship so I couldn't take a photo. No worries, it had sprinkles :)
Among all the weirdness, really jam things happened!

My apt complex gave away free milkshakes today! My apt rocks, this i know!
Cookies and Cream Milkshake, mayne

I also the most jam card in the mail from the Michaela :)
No worries, I just realized that no only did I say her name wrong for 37 years but I have also been spelling it wrong. #imlame

it had a little treat in it too. :)

Finally, Jon Jon and i made a flyer for a service learning project that my class is doing and my teacher said this about it in response to the email i sent her:

OMG! Holy crap! These ROCK! (I think I even drooled a little.) You might consider posting these to Moodle's discussion board (link at the top of the page there) to share with your classmates. These are keepers! Thank you so much!

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

in other news

Today is SUCH a big day in the media.. and this is why:

UNBROKEN dropped at midnight and has already made it's way to number 1 on itunes
I may or may not have it already and it is a JAM!!!!
demi haters.. stay away :)

this happens tonight... WHO IS EXCITED?!?!?!!!!
only I'll have to catch it tomorrow on Hulu because i have class tonight til 7 and our professor LOVES to go until exactly 7. 

thank you google for your photos

Monday, September 19, 2011

kitty play time.

This weekend Bethany, Beka, and I went exploring in Baton Rouge. We went to cute little vintage stores and Circa 1857 again so I could show it to them! We went to the CUTEST little vintage shop ever, called honeymoon bungalow. Seriously from the outside it looks like trash, but when you walk in those doors... its magical! They have the store arranged like a house so everything is easy to find! 
When we walked in, we saw a cage of kittens from the Purr Project. It's basically a kitty boot camp to get the kittens use to being held and loved on before they are adopted. As we were admiring the kittens a voice comes up and says... "would you like to hold a kitty while you shop?" #yesplease Now you tell me, does that happen in everyday life.. heck no! This started our love of honeymoon bungalow forever! She was giving us each a kitten to hold and as she was wrapping him in a towel... or what they call a kitty burrito... she was like some of them have stuff wrong with them like ringworms, don't worry they are not transferable. She was just like I recommend you use hand sanitizer... umm... okay. They were too cute to pass up, so if we all get ring worms in a week Ill document ha! 

confession: I forgot to take a picture of the front, so this is the sign on the side.

This is just so you believe me! haha

our little kitty burritos

 hey cute little kitty... i think his name was ringo!

Friday, September 16, 2011


Oh my gosh, you guys!!! Remember that time I hung out with THE Michaela from Michaela Noelle Designs and THE Megan from Mackey Madness, oh you don't?! Well, it was this past weekend... Does this make me famous? 
Okay, I'm being serious now... Michaela came in town to visit Meg and on their way to New Orleans they stopped and had a sleepover with me! It was such a jam... so much so that we accidentally stayed up until 2 A.M. talking and being 12 year old girls. It was kind of like we have always been friends or something! We also drove around LSU campus and the Lakes so she could see all the sorority houses and  random expensive lake houses... Also so I could hear her tell us all about the architecture and design of houses... No worries I told her all about the lakes and what it's like to run around them! We are even :) 
see, its true. we ARE bff :) As usual though, they showed up in cutie dresses and I missed the memo. #whatsnew

this is how I felt about them coming and Michaela being a new pal!

still didnt get the dress memo
Since I am a creep, I stalk look at her blog daily and I told her how she always does this one pose looking over her shoulder. So what you see here is her being me (only I dont put my hands on my hip nor do I stand sassy :)) and me being her (Obv she is way better at it and I'm just checkin out my calf muscles)

forgive my lazy eye... it sneaks out when i get tired. #heredity
sad to see them go :( come back

Oh, and remember that time Michaela made me put on her romper... THANKFULLY no pictures were taken! 

Michaela: thanks for being a jam :) blog besties

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Tiger, rawr.

Something you should know:
The school I am going to for grad school has a pet tiger.... Yes a TIGER... yes that tiger lives on camp. In a cage. It's actually really cool! His name is Mike. My roomies and I pass by the cage every time we go to class and on Tuesday nights we stop by and have some quality time with our dear pal mike. You would seriously think we were five and that we had never seen a tiger before.

see, we are TOTALLY bff. 
This is my tiger face, rawr.

this seriously must be the life.

here kitty kitty kitty. tigers

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

antique that.

So when Jon Jon was here, we went to a really cool antique shop called Circa 1857. It was so cool it even has a cafe/coffee shop inside of it!! I could probably live there! With that said, I will show you some photos I took! I should have taken more, but I didn't!

I took this for my roomies because they love sewing!

 it should be called Circa 1857: the best place to live
all of the different things they have to offer when you walk in!!

This is the back patio area... seriously look how legit. Jon Jon and I are thinking of trying to pull something off like this for our wedding!!!
think we can do it?

also, this post is another reason why I need an iphone... i NEED instagram... yes, its a need :)

Tuesday, September 13, 2011


I know I'm late, but in honor of 9.11 I share this with you.

you wont regret watching this. 
all ten minutes of it :)
It's a story of death
most of all it's a story of Christ.
It's a story of Christ protecting His people.
It's a story of a man being a father.
It's a story of Christ being a father.

Sunday, September 11, 2011

grad school date night.

hey, remember me? no? okay... good.  My lack of blogging has been from oh you know the 2 paper, journal and quiz I have due on monday and tuesday. Forgive? 

Last weekend this cute boy came in town

we got dinner

 and gelato for a snack... it was so pricy. I'd much rather the Yogurtland
im pretty sure they give you that small spoon so you feel like you got more than you really did because it takes 12 billion bites.
It was the first time we had seen each other since I moved, THREE WEEKS!!! ahh!!! I usually hate when we are matchy matchy and this night was epic matchy matchy but I didn't even care! #reallove

No worries though, the entire weekend it looked like this
tropical storm lee, baby fun