Sunday, February 7, 2010


so, its been a while.
1. I have been doing my internship which is going really well. Im learning a lot and the kids are slowly becoming so precious to me. Maybe social work was not that great of an idea because i just want to take half of the kids home with me. They go through things that i never would have imagined going through in high school and jr high. One girl, i just want to take her to church and show her the Lord because I honestly think that will solve her problem. Only problem is, is that is totally unethical and just can not happen. Of all the kids i have seen her out in public twice which is cool since she is so dear to my heart. I think that school social work is something i can most def see myself doing in the future.
2. Grad school.... Yeah, i applied for Baylor. I only have a few more things to send in then the application process is COMPLETE! So, if im accepted this summer i will move six hours away from my family and best pals. It saddens me because I will miss so many things in the time i am away like babies and weddings... well ill come for the weddings but ill miss the wedding parties! I also know that the year im away, i will learn so much and its going to be a continual growing process. Its a step towards independence.
3. the breakup... i did not mention it in the last blog because i probably would not have said anything nice about it. But it happened, its been a month, and there is nothing i can do about it. I went through acting like i did not care, sadness, anger, confusion, and lastly bitterness. I just got out of the bitterness stage which was most lame. Im thankful the Lord has brought me out of it. Its not really something i want to settle my life in. We are trying to be friends and the first few times we hung out were ultra lame, i tried to enjoy it but it was so hard. The other day we hung out and it was not as bad. So, i think for now im in the content stage. I miss him no lie, but the Lord is working in both of us and its so cool to watch. I dont hate him, there is really no need to because he is just a boy.
4. I feel like i have fallen off the earth because I am so busy all of the time. Im also kind of a grandma. I go to bed so early and sometimes i do not do things because i know that by doing them I cant go to sleep early. But I would like to say i have to wake up at 6 in the MORNING every freaking day of my life. Since im at home now, its like a cave because people do not just travel to ball everyday of their life. I think they should though because exciting things can happen.