Who am I?

I graduated from college in May of 2010 and am about to embark upon grad school. I am newly engaged to my best friend in all the world, Jonathan Reynolds! I couldn't be more excited about it! I totally enjoy running and am currently training for my first ever Half marathon (13.1 baby)!!! I'm not really crafty so you will not find much of that on my blog! You will however experience wedding planning and life with me! Please, feel free to leave me some love! Hey, Ill even take wedding help!! 
I love children and have been blessed with cool friends that have cool kids. I have a rockin' niece too!
I wanna leave mark in the world and make some sort of change even its just by simply loving the Lord and spreading his Love!
I like to be outside and I like tatoos.
I have a twin sister.. she is hilar! She is cooler than me though because she lives in New York and her rap skills are tremendously better than mine! Example: I have a six pack, it ain't a eight pack.. I dont drink that.  Okay maybe you don't think its funny but I do! She has a special heart for people much like I do.
Human Trafficking is a new passion of mine. Jonathan and I hope to one day make a documentary about it.
I worked at Sky Ranch for a summer. It changed me and I seriously wouldnt trade it for anything! I worked with junior high girls who taught me a lot and I had the most wonderful co counselors who taught me even more!
I love laughing. I like being as trendy as possible in my own way.  I have a pretty cool T-shirt collection. I love target V-necks from the boys section.

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