Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Just a blog!

I do not really a specific purpose of blogging at the moment, but my hope is that something good will come out of it!
All has been well lately, I think I am officially out of camp depression which is good. I have been having good days. I think the normalcy of life is to have some bad moments, so of course that happens. I'm learning more and more everyday to like to be alone. Last week was pretend its camp week so Alice' and I did various funny camp activities, so maybe that was a awkward type of therapy or something weird!
Um... I kinda have a little boyfriend action now and by kinda I mean I do. It happened Monday night at about 8:53 P.M. I know its really lame that i know that but please give me a break! He is one of the most precious things I have ever encountered. Remember how I said I learned about vulnerability over the summer... well now is the perfect chance for me to actually put that into practice and its been hard but its been good. Its not something that I entered into just for fun I prayed about it and processed it, then determined it was okay. It's definitely a new experience for me but I'm loving all of it... even though its only been two days!! hahaha!! We are currently learning to balance time between hanging out with one another and hanging out with our own friends without one another. I'm sure ill update more about him because sometimes I like to say dumb girlfriend things.. like for instance knowing 8:53. I thought about making a 365 day album on facebook and it would be entitled 365 days of having a boyfriend... but I figured that would be taking it too far! So I sustained myself!!
I am going to college station to hang out in approximately 8 days, I'm super stoked about that!!
Okay, enough of this pointless uninspirational blog... sometimes I feel like its silly to update this about what i do daily because i'm just a normal college student.. class work hangout workout. I feel as if i should put life altering words for my readers.. but I do not always have those!
Until next time ill leave you with some photos of me and captain (cody)!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009


"I just love music, worship music. When i hear it, i get it better than when i read it. When i sing it im not just yelling it. Im PROCLAIMING IT AT THE TOP OF MY LUNGS"

A friend told me that last night and i have just thought it was a jam since then. Think about how amazing that is... proclaiming it at the top of my lungs. According to the word proclaim means to extol or praise publicly. Publicy... not ashamed.

Last week was a good week, i did not so much feel as if I hated life and everything around me. I think maybe im slowing getting out of my not being at camp depression. Yesterday marked one month since i have been home. Its been a crazy month, but its been a good month. A time of growing and learning. Just a time of taking it all in. I have been learning that my struggles do not define me, however, what does define me is the fact that I am a child of the my Father. I am His child. That has so much more power than any struggle I will ever have.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

yesterday and today.

Today I miss camp a lot. Well actually since I have been back in school, I have been missing camp a lot. I miss the people, I miss all of it. I'm not a fan of sitting in a classroom, its really lame. I don't really feel satisfied with where I am anymore and I absolutley do not like the feeling as if I'm alone all of the time. I know that I am never alone because the Lord is always with me... I taught that to my campers every friday. Sometimes it's just hard to really grasp it. Is that even okay that I just said that?! I'm hoping this is normal and that eventually all will be well but as for now I just feel like im drowning in unsatisfaction. I do not really feel the same, actually I'm pretty sure I'm not the same. Okay, this is really lame and depressing so ill tell you about my yesterday.
Yesterday, I went with Alice' to her grandma's house in Baton Rouge for a little labor day bbq action. We had a lot of fun. A lot of funny things happened and at the end of the day we made a list of about 25 funny things. We listened to funny pandora radio stations... some being T.I., The Beach Boys, Ne-Yo, and Demi Lovato. We went to Perkins Rowe and met with a friend so she could eat... that was funny with in itself. We realized that we are simply too poor to purchase anything from Anthropologie... so instead I took a rock from the outside. We found a wonderful Gucci perfume sample in a magazine, so we tore it up and put it in the vents for some nice gucci air freshner. Those things do not even come close to putting a dent in the funny things list.

It was really good to get away for a day, especially with a very wonderful friend. We had a lot of catch up time and a lot of Jam time.

I will share some photos with you of the funny day we had.

The clouds in the first photo are beautiful. I took this when we were almost at her grams house.
The other two.. well if you cant purchase anything from Anthropologie, may as well have a small photo shoot outside of it!!

Tuesday, September 1, 2009


My friend told me these two things that she recieved today from a book called Walking with the Women of the Bible.

Resolve to criticize or downgrade yourself, but instead Rejoice that you are fearfully and wonderfully made.

Resolve to walk by faith paths you may not understand and Rejoice in the promise of His nearness as He directs your way. Resolve to live as a child of God through His son, Jesus Christ, and Rejoice that as God's child your name is written in Heaven.

its so cool to me that both of those lines pretty much say REJOICE in the LORD in two totally different ways that need to be heard.

Luke 10:17-20 talkes about how the Lord sent 72 people out and they came back to Him really excited because all of these things and people were subject to them through Christ. When they returned they were telling the Lord about this and the Lord told them in verse 20 Nevertheless, DO NOT rejoice in this, that the spirits are subject to you, BUT REJOICE IN THAT YOUR NAMES ARE WRITTEN IN HEAVEN.
how cool is that. the Lord told them that there names were written in heaven. They did not have anything to worry about. At that moment they knew that they would then spend eternity with Christ. ahhhh it blows my mind. I know that I am going to heaven but there is still doubt at times and it just amazes me that those people had NO reason to doubt because Christ told them to Rejoice that their names were written in heaven!
I read this a while back but the first thing I was told today reminded me of that!