Thursday, March 31, 2011

delectable treats.

Confession: i like to bake sometimes. I mostly have baking parties with my grams but this time it was not... she will probably be sad that she missed out on this treat!
I made them for Life Group (homegroup for bible study) and they were a hit!! What is they you ask.... oh well.... just some.... uhhh..... Can You handle it!? Okay, here it is......


Ahhhhh I know how is that even possible?!  Look its real!!
yeah now go visit the picky-palate website to get the recipe to make these delectable little monsters!

now your challenge.... go make them and tell me what you think!
ps. kids love them

later dudes.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

1,2,3,4,5, and 6

Okay, lets be serious.... I have life updates.
1. i got all my stuff turned in for grad school and I go for my interview on April 8! Alice' and I are both applying to LSU and we were discussing how cool it would be if our interviews were on the same day so we could ride together.... oh no worries mine is at 11:20 and hers is at 11:00 just a mere 20 minutes before mine!! We are also going to go stinkin apt shopping that day..... neither one of us have ever had our own apt before so we are kinda def freaking out....

2. With an apt you need cheap things and not so cheap things like furniture, washer/dryer, dishes, cutlery, plates, bowls, cups, colander, measuring cups... you know EVERYTHING! All the stuff your parents have and you never realize how necessary it is because they pick it out! Well the Lord has been blessing us! We already have a FREE washer/dryer and possibly a couch and alice' has a lot of kitchen stuff! Yeah i know... we need to get accepted and find an apt first! It never hurts to be ahead of the game though! We also thought we were going to have to move in june for the summer class we have to take.... no worries though... ITS ONLINE!!! So both of us will get to stay for the summer and work more!

3. We convinced our other friend bethany... You know us we are the sole sisters.... but whats grad school without our other pal! Who cares if she is only applying because she realized that she will not have anyone to hang with next year while alice' and I are gone! She is in the process of filling out her app and taking the GRE.. She is doing all the stuff in a week that it took Alice' and I four months to do... shameful i know!

4. My new favorite Sunday afternoon play time is Kite time... otherwise known as Kites4Kidz. We like to go get beths niece and nephew so we dont look creepy playing with other random kids... or maybe it is creepy.... who cares its fun!
sorry for the lame quality... but not everyone has an iphone or a droid.

5. I got my first sunburn of the year and started my summer/spring chaco tan... this may not be serious to you but it is to me.
okay you get the point.

6. Jon and I are wonderful! 6 months is coming up and we so excited.. thats half a stinkin year!! We are learning more and more about each other! Its been hard at times but its so worth it!

The Lord has been such a blessing, like seriously its unreal!

Thursday, March 17, 2011

dance party thursday!!



okay... back to the post....
If you remember in the first post i said my goal was to learn how to dougie... after doing some research this morning and watching the video i have found this....
according to Urban dictionary... Dougie is swag..... So I have come to the conclusion that there is no real dougie dance its just your general dance swag! If i am wrong about this please please tell me! Its really just a fun song to have hip dance parties too! So please feel free to have one starting now....

What are you dancing too?

later dudes.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011


Friday night jon and i got back from atlanta.... only to wake up bright and early on saturday morning for our FIRST 10K (6.2 miles) AHHHH!!!! We were so excited i probably more so than him!! I had been training for it for a while because it was the next step to doing a half marathon, which i will be doing in december! It was my 4th time or so to run 6 miles so I was feeling pretty good about it! I even went to Academy Sports and Outdoors the night before to get a cool running shirt! The weather was the only thing that was going to be a major concern! Luckily it was AMAZING weather... well it got a little hot but for this time of year the weather was a jam! Alice' and Bethany also did the race... they just got back from Austin doing their first half! We like to call ourselves sole sisters... get it? sole... like the bottom of a shoe?! its hard to be that clever. They finished about 8 minutes before me, but hey.. i'm not complainin because I finished and I met my goal which was to do it in less than 1 hour and 20 minutes.... no worries i finished in 1 hour, 10 minutes and 33 seconds! Also no worries because my mommy, sister, and niece were also waiting for me at the finish line!!! After the big race we had a pancake party at Alice''s house, with some tasty wheat pancakes and turkey bacon. Her mom swears by it.... its not to shabby or maybe she is just a good cook!

here are some photos for your enjoyment:
no worries... alice' is just flying! my goal is to take a photo this hard core

Bethany was funny... she forgot her headphones so she used her iphone the whole way as if it was a boom box. she's cool

seeee.... cool new running shirt.

dont worry... thats just jonathan being a champion. ladies he is taken... back off!

precious little abigail.... i think tyra banks would be proud of her... America's Next Top Toddler anyone?!

you would think she just ran 6 miles....

later dudes.

Friday, March 11, 2011

Hotlanta... day four

On the final day in ATL, we went to the Georgia Aquarium. Oh you know... it only took 80 million gallons of water to fill up that thing! I pet a sting ray and some sort of sponge thing with cool tentacles that looked as if they were blowing in the wind! ha!!
for your enjoyment:

oh hey electric eel.

weird creep me out elephant fish

shark week... up close and personal

meggie cat... i didnt know you were at the aquarium?! :)

playing otters... they are always my favorite to watch!

creepy spider crap or something

funny beluga whales that we got to watch eat. I think he said that when they eat they scoop up a gallon of water.

spongey looking starfish.

an underwater dragon. weird.


Sea Horses have to wrap their tale around stuff or they float away!

oh hey nemo.

also they are currently filming the WB's Vampire Diaries in Covington, Georgia. Jon and I like to creep it. This is a scene.

We are going home today.
no more cool pictures.
race day is saturday... be prepared for that post
later dudes.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Hotlanta... Day three

So, on this day we woke up early and went to the Coca Cola factory! It was such a jam!! My favorite part was the testing station. They had coke products from all over the world! Jon and I tasted about sixty flavors... some good some not so good! My other favorite was the 4D film they had. The chairs moved, wind was blown, and water was sprayed! It was like you were IN the film!!!

Here are some photos for your enjoyment:

precious jon jon

back in the day coffee was this much...... only in my dreams would this happen now.

fashion... yes please.

the history of a vending machine...

cool art.

this was cool... they had all the coke product bottles on the wall.

dont worry there was a mini bottling factory, so we got to watch them make it.

funny family with the polar bear!

this is for you people that care about cool fashion stuff. :)

these next few photos are some cool art pieces...

neither of us are fans of this picture.... but im putting it on here ONLY because that is the couch from american idol season 6. 

we so tasted.

we cute.

we left with this free beauty that we personally watched them bottle. neither of us will drink ours because its cool to have. However, i did purchase a vanilla coke to drink after the 10k on saturday!!

dance party thursday will commence next  week.
until then, make sure you are dancing!
later dudes.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011 two

So, on day two we woke up to run because we are in training. Then we went to Olympic park with jon's dad for quality time. We also went to this hoppin joint in downtown Atlanta called The Varsity, apparently its a hip college kid hang joint.... we like to think we are hip college kids so we went. We also went to a gillion stores to search for some cool run snob running gear.... we are cheap run snobs so nothing was found. We came back to his parents house, watched criminal minds and played outside! After our delicious dinner we went to a cute ice cream joint for a tasty treat!

This is Olympic Park... home of the 1996 Olympics. Okay its not all of it but you get the point.

This is in the park... apparently its a gift from France. We saw this right after creepy CNN people asked us to be a part of their new series on Lent starting today.... we said no.

Of all the bricks in the entire joint we found this one, for little Lissie girl. Go ahead and consider jon and I a good friend! 

This is just a cool waterfall thing that is there, I figured you would enjoy it.

So apparently they also have this thing in the midst of the olympics called Paralympics for people with disabilities. This is the monument for it! I was kinda obsessed with this part!

This was on four post post surrounding the paralympic monument.

This is proof that we are cool.

until tomorrow or the next day.
later dudes.