Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Jon Jon and Shan Shan part 3

these words I (jon jon) write to youuu (shan shan) I have loved you always and each time we have grown closer it is more solidified than ever how much I can't wait to experience life with you, to work through problems, to enjoy the sunsets, and to bask in the love that we have for each other, that I plan on continuing to put just as much effort as the day that I knew that I wanted to pursue you :) i. love. you.

-- no worries jon just stole my blog and wrote that to me!

As we started hanging out and texting again, we started to rekindle what we had had only a summer ago! The Lord had grown us both and it was evident in both of our lives! He was not the same jon jon and I was not the same shan shan! We were better, and we were better for each other! We played board games, ran, and I even made him pancakes! One night after helping a friend set up for his girlfriends birthday surprise Jonathan asked me if i wanted to go walk around for a little bit. We went to a concrete spot and he gave us each concrete chalk and told me to go away because he was going to draw me something and I should draw him something. He drew a girl in a jar and put words in the jar surrounding the girl. He had told me that all of the words represented his life and things he struggled with stuff that took up his time but of all of it I was the brightest! He also asked me if I would pray about giving him another shot. I kind of almost cried! I already knew the answer but I still took time like he had asked.

He then asked me out on a real date... our first real date even from the first round... this was legit! He had the whole thing planned. We went to Buhlow Lake for pancakes (my fav) he had the whole table set up with a table cloth and everything. After, he had bought to white shirts and we decorated them for one another. On his I drew a tie, suspenders, and a pocket! On mine he drew a firefly coming out of a jar. He calls me firefly because of the song Brightest by Copeland

this isnt the music video but you can hear the song.

After that, he had his friends make a scavenger hunt around campus so we went to all the spots then the final spot I had to find by myself and it was this...

Will you be my firefly? He also had some of my favorite candy waiting for me!

Of course, I said yes! Then we were officially dating... FINALLY!

The whole time we have been dating he has pursued me just like he did when he was trying to win my heart over for the first time! He cooked me dinner for our 1 month and set it up on a dock over the lake. He brought me to dallas/ft worth to visit our friends for valentines day. He made me a pop up book for our four months. He drove to my apartment at ten at night just to tell me he Loved me for the first time while i was in my jammies trying to go to sleep. I love that he tries new things with me and inspires me to be better. I love that he has wisdom. I love that he lets me pinch him no matter how many bruises it leaves. I love that he loves my friends. I love that he always puts the Lord above me. I love that he is a spiritual leader. I just love him!

engagement story next!!

Monday, May 30, 2011

Jon Jon and Shan Shan part 2.

So.. back to that ride home! 
We had to stop in Shreveport which is about 1.5 hours or so away from where we live to give Jon's dad his car and then take his brothers car! His brothers car is a little more ghetto than jon jons honda fit.. as we were driving and singing we look behind us and see cop lights. Yes, we were getting pulled over! Jon was totally confused as to what he was doing wrong because he was not speeding! So we get pulled over and Jon has to get out of the car to talk to the cops. We were both freaking out, especially Jon because he was still trying to impress me! While he was getting questioned by one cop a second cop came over to my side and asked if i would get out of the car. What was I gonna say? NO... puhlease! So, I got out and he began to question me about Jon and how i knew him and why we were in dallas yadda yadda! Then the cop asked why is he so nervous and I responded... I don't know, I think he likes me and was about to tell me. The cop was like is he scared you will not like him? I said i guess but i do like him so it doesn't matter! The cops search our car and then let us go... basically they profiled the car and thought we had drugs. Im pretty sure they regret pulling us over, bahaha! When we get in the car after a few moments of silence we processed what happen and then talked about what we each told the cops. Jon had told the cop that he liked me but asked them please not to say anything. So, we pretty much told the cops we liked each other before we told each other!  Jon and I had decided that we liked one another but didn't want to rush into a relationship because we were not ready and the Lord had still not prepared a hearts for it!  So, we waited but he still continued to pursue me with notes, coffee, popsicles, treasure hunts, and his time! After a couple months, I decided that he had all the qualities I wanted in a husband, it just wasn't him. So we went out for coffee and I ended everything.#jerk It was hard and sucked but had to be done. We tried the whole friends thing but he started to get on my nerves and it was too hard for him to look me because I broke his precious heart. The next day after ending it, I walked up to my room and there was a basket with some of my favorite things that he knew i liked from previous lunches we had had together with a note talking about how he has enjoyed all the time we have spent together. All this time he knew I was the one I was just oblivious. The Lord grew us a lot over the summer and then in  late July early August we started hanging out again....

to be continued...

Sunday, May 29, 2011

jon jon and shan shan part 1.

Okay, so I kinda feel the pressure sine a lot of Mackey Madness followers will be creeping my blog for the engagement story! BUTTTT... Before I get to that, I am going to tell you a little bit about our story first! Then you can hear/read the engagement story another day... guess you will have to come back! :)

It all started in the Spring semester of 2010! I went to a local book/movie/music store called Hastings with a friend because they also have coffee and we wanted to get some. We got our coffee and started walking around, after leaving the book section I ran into my friend James who was with Jonathan. I had met Jonathan before but we had never spoken since. They were renting Brothers and joked with them about how they were totally going to cry like babies! A day or two later I had written on both of their facebook walls and asked if they had cried, of course they said no... but i still think they did! After, Jonathan and I had then moved our relationship to facebook chat... We talked about weird stuff like parachute pants and other ridiculous things trying to make conversation! After we had spoken a few times he gave me his phone number and told me to text him... he then signed of quickly because he was really nervous about what would happen next! Of course I texted him! Those text eventually led to us hanging out in real life. I was spending the night with another friend on my college campus and we were bored at night so I text Jonathan and told him to make a secret note and then hide it for us to find! He then proceeded to call himself Presidente and i was agent somethin... Agent had a lot of numbers behind it. He hid the note then told me to go find it, so i did! It was in the bookshelf mixed amongst the pages of a book, it led to another place with some hidden prizes. We switched back and forth making maps and hiding prizes for about two weeks! We went on popsicle walks around campus and just spent a lot of time getting to know one another. It was always with other people though. He then asked me out on a date! He came and picked me up and we went to a local lake and had some lunch and then just hung out. It was really simple and fun! He even brought me prizes!  He always pursued me but always kept the Lord first! Hanging out with him was so easy and I knew there was something special about him! After hanging out for a month or so I graduated college and then went to stay with a friend in dallas for about 2 weeks at the end of may! We texted ALL OF THE TIME and I missed him like crazy!  On May 27 he drove to dallas (5-6 hrs away) and surprised me! It was wonderful! As soon as I saw him I freaked out and kind of felt like i was going to use the bathroom on myself because i was so nervous! No one has ever pursued me with so much intention! I rode back with him and we had endless conversation and jam time......

If you wanna hear about the ride home, which you do than come back!

ps. we got engaged friday!

Thursday, May 26, 2011


so remember that delicious pasta I put in What I Ate Wednesday yesterday... well this is where i got the idea from. For more tasty recipes go here!

Its a cold past salad, that is healthy and delicious!

  • 12 ounces, weight Farfalle (bowtie) Pasta
  • 2 Tablespoons Extra Virgin Olive Oil
  • 1 whole Lemons (more To Taste)
  • Salt
  • Freshly Ground Black Pepper
  • 2 whole Zucchini, Cut Into Small Wedges Or Diced
  • 10 ounces, weight Grape Tomatoes, Halved Lengthwise
  • ⅓ cups Minced Fresh Parsley
  • 6 ounces, weight Crumbled Feta Cheese
Preparation Instructions
Cook pasta until done. Drain and rinse in cold water until completely cool. Add olive oil and lemon juice, then add salt and pepper to taste (do not undersalt). Toss to combine. Add zucchini, tomatoes, parsley, and feta, and toss to combine. Add more of what you think it needs; I like to go heavy on the feta! Squeeze in a little more lemon juice/drizzle more olive oil if it needs more moisture.
Cover in plastic wrap for at least a couple of hours. Pasta is best when chilled for a few hours before serving.
*Note: Add grilled shrimp, grilled chicken, or grilled flank steak if you need a little protein.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

What I Ate Wednesday!

Today, I decided to link up with Jenn For What I Ate Wednesday because to be quite frank, I have eaten some pretty legit stuff this week but I will only share a little.

For breakfast I decided to switch from oatmeal to these puppies
seriously, they are so delicious! I like to eat them dry... mainly bc i dont drink milk enough to buy some for this whole bag. It would go bad before I finished!

 For lunch I eat a plane ole sandwich with wheat thins... I like to put it in the microwave though because the cheese is better!

Dinner, on the other hand is where they magic happens!
this is some whole wheat pasta with a creation of chicken, zucchini, tomato sauce, and tomatoes sprinkled with feta cheese. No worries, I just whipped it up on Monday for jon jon and I! He loved it and says he will marry me because I cook good! 

This Grilled Chicken Ceasar Salad I ate last night from Texas Roadhouse! #delish

Snack time... my favorite time... has been occupied a lot this week by ice cream because I have been craving it and it's weird! I cant eat it everyday because I like to fit in my pants! My favorite this week has been the...
Double stuffed Oreo blast from sonic!
this isn't what it really looks like, but you get the point!

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

little BIG sister

I just got a new computer not too long ago, courtesy of my good pal KB who was selling hers! She is going to Africa for a lot of the summer and the program that she needed would not run on her computer so she sold it to me for a holler back price and bought a new one! It was such a blessing because i NEED one for grad school and was not going to be able to afford one without using up a lot of my savings that i have worked this year on!  Savings for grad school is very important because this will be my schedule.... Monday and Tuesday.. class. Wednesday and Thursday... Internship for about 9 hours. Yeah savage i know... so when you put studying and having a life in the mix it doesn't leave much time for a gillion hours of work! All this to say, my little big sister Amanda came to visit me and we played! I say little big sister because she is littler than me by like a whole head and older than me... so little big sister.

she says this one is kinda like casper.

Monday, May 23, 2011


Okay, so here is my weekend because I know you are dying to find out what I did!

Friday: got accepted to LSU and to celebrate Jon Jon took me to a local seafood restaurant, Fants! This is what I ate....

It was my first crawfish of the season so I was super stoked!

Saturday: I started the day off with what i thought was an 8 mile run... no worries it turned out to only be 6.4 miles #annoying Then I hung out with Laura the rest of the day and she made me dumpster dive for boxes to pack her stuff in!

Sunday: I went to Melissa's house before church and picked up some donut holes and chocolate milk to eat with one of my favorite little girls...
that afternoon I invited myself back to melissa's for delicious vegetarian chili and play time! Then some people played ultimate frisbee... remember how i said i was really bad... no worries i caught the frisbee TWICE!!!!

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Guess what?!

okay here is the deal... I know its small but  it basically says... Shannon, LSU wants you... if you click on it it will enlarge!! It says something about provisional but that just means i gotta send them another copy of my transcript, no biggie!!! AHHH!!! 

It took forever to get here and I was freaking out!!! Alice' bethany and I all three were accepted so we get to live together just like planned!! YAY!!!

It's okay if you are excited for me! (i had humble pie today, obv)

Thursday, May 19, 2011


Since I am trying to get into this blogging thing, there is something very important you should know about me.... I have a twin sister. Yes it's true and no she doesn't have a blog. Actually, she lives in New York... no, not the city.. just New York state. I wish i could say she lives there because of some important internship or that she was a starving artist... however, that is not the case. She just lives there and has for a while! My mom moved there when I was about to start the 9th grade so my sister, Samantha [sam] moved with her.
Just in case you were wondering we are 18 minutes apart and we are not identical and no I cant feel her pain and she cant feel mine, that would actually kinda stink. She is funny and we both like to make "rap" songs. We are NOTHING a like!

She is super girly and spends thirty minutes a day getting dressed.... It takes me thirty minutes including showering and drying my hair. #tomboy
She has a heart for the elderly... I have a heart for youth and children
She wears glasses... i have contacts. does that count?
She can climb a tree.... i cant
She is not a runner... I am
She can eat 1 gillion McFlurrys a day... i prefer chick fil a
She is all about what's "in"... i could care less

one last thing... we look nothing alike. 

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

What I'm LOVIN!!

Hey guys! Its time to link up with Jamie for....

1. Im LOVING hanging out with my friend Laura this week! 

  Chick Fil A had 50's night with these cool hats!

2. Im loving Vampire Diaries! Seriously, don't judge until you watch it. You WILL get sucked in! I thought it looked lame at first as well!
It's okay if you are jealous that Jon Jon and I creeped on the set of the show when we went to go visit his family!

It's been a pretty simple week, so this is all that I have! 

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

little pup.

It all started when I was in about Junior High and my family had recently moved into a new house. My sister, Amanda,  and I had wanted a dog. We begged and begged but my dad said no.... We decided we would ask the Lord if He wanted us to have a puppy! We prayed and prayed until one day when my Amanda and I walked outside, coming from the fence of the cow pasture was a little beagle puppy coming at us!  We were so stoked we brought her inside but my parents were still a little hesitant. They made us put signs up for a Lost Dog and if no one claimed her she was ours... well guess what?! NO ONE CLAIMED HER!!!! So, we got a puppy! She was the most wonderful pup ever and we named her Sugar! 

I remember giving her ice out of the freezer and she would only eat it on carpet.
I remember how she would always hide her treats in little spots around the house.
I remember how she use to chase armadillo trails in hopes to catch one.
I remember being the only one home when when she delivered her first and only pup.
I remember how my blanket on my bed was always dirty from when she slept with me.
I remember talking to her when I was sad and didn't think anyone else cared or would listen. 
I remember her favorite pink rubber bone that we got her at the very beginning from old navy and the rubber noise it made when she chewed it.
I remember how she was a jam!

Then yesterday evening it happened... My family brought her to the vet and she had to be put down due to cancer that had been growing in her side. My dad buried her beside our house with her favorite pink bone.  She will be missed.

Monday, May 16, 2011

My friends are Grown Ups.

This weekend two of my besties/grad school roomies graduated college along with my precious jon jon, so it was very busy!

Something you should know about me is that I have a camera but I never bring it anywhere so, therefore I steal other peoples pictures. #dontjudgeme
All of my social work pals got pinned! It's so weird to think that just a year ago I was there.... kinda trippy actually!
Then I hung out with Bethany and celebrated with her family over gumbo and boiled shrimp! Beth and I have been friends since 6th grade so I'm pretty much part of the family! :)

Well, It was graduation
I celebrated with Jon Jon at his party that his parents planned for him, which we enjoyed! 
stole this photo from Alice'

they grow up so fast.....

Church, then I was invited myself to lunch with beths family... which is a usual Sunday event! It's our hang day! Then I played a little ultimate frisbee and got punched in the face by a grown man doing it! Luckily there is no black eye... even though that would make me look ultra hardcore! 

Friday, May 13, 2011


First things first... i wrote a What I'm Lovin Wednesday post on Wed.... it got SEVEN whole comments!! AHHHH!!! ummm now its gone... Blogger? where did you take it?!

Now to the post...
Since my precious Jon Jon is graduating and moved into a new apartment I, being a good girlfriend, decided to make him so tasty treats as a grad/house warming gift... we will call it... graduwarming gift :)

Red Velvet cake cookies in double doozey form!! His favorite cake is Red Velvet, but cakes are boring so I wanted to do something different with the cake mix!
please, control your mouth water.

then this weird log....

then this...

and this.... 

Made THIS!!!!
(no worries... that IS in fact cream cheese icing!
Jon Jon LOVED it! I loved making them too because it was fun and I got to spend time with my grams because I used her kitchen! 

Jon Jon also does his share of surprising.. he actually does more than me! Last night he brought us to go get sushi! This is our Smokey Mountain Roll... DELISH! We also got a crunch roll which I forgot to take a picture of.
(mackey madness... yes there is raw stuff on top :) YOUR turn next!! )

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

What I'm Lovin babeh!

It's Wednesday, so I'm linking up with jamie for.....
yep, you guessed it!!

1.  Lindsey Ray seriously, my sister introduced me to her music and she really is such a jam! Check her out!!

2. Augustine It's a girl boy duo. I found them because the guy, Louis, is on My Life as Liz! 

3. My two future roomies and my jon jon graduate from college on Saturday! I couldn't be more stoked for them!
yeah yeah I know, as we go on we remember all the times we had together....

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

mud pies

So, on Fridays I usually go out to Jens house to play all day with her and her little babies. This friday was different... why because i learned how to make MUD PIES, its totally understandable if you are a little jealous! Here are the directions.
1. get cup and spoon.
2. fill cup half full with water
3. find dirt spot
4. fill cup with dirt and stir.
         -- its okay to add a little grass or maybe a bug or two for decoration.
5. pour water out
6. look in cup and enjoy what you created!

yes, we they play semi naked because they cant mess up their clothes.