Friday, March 26, 2010


So, I like to think you people have been sitting around waiting for an update from me... but lets be real.
I was waiting until i was informed out my acceptance into the Baylor School of Social Work to get my masters. Well, yesterday I received word that I was not accepted. Imagine that!It kinda brings me back to that time freshman year where I applied for about three things and got turned down for each and every one of them. Have I done something wrong, i mean seriously come on!! Now I have no idea what I'm going to do. I only applied to one school because I'm cheap and did not want to pay the application fee and I figured I would get in. I have not taken the GRE and the deadline is pretty much here for any other masters program with Advanced Standing. No plans are made now, I thought about waiting for a year and attending grad school the next year with my pals Alice' and Sara and possibly seeing if Sky Ranch had some sort of internship I could do for next year. In doing that, Im scared that I will not go back to school. If we are being honest i DONT EVEN WANT TO GO TO GRAD SCHOOL, but i figure if i want to make any money in my life or have a legit job i should. Maybe i should have stuck with my childhood dreams of teaching, it would have been a lot less complicated. How bout next time I grow up I major in education??? As of now I am stuck in a rut, so if you have any ideas on what i can do with my life please dont be to hesitant to share! Im always up for an outsiders opinion.
I'm sure this is just like everything else in life the Lord is teaching me something. Me getting denied does not suprise Him at all. Bethany suggested maybe the Lord is teaching me to be content in the unknown, but i feel like my whole life has been unknown. I mean why is it that everyone graduates college and gets married, I on the other hand have no prospects and no sight of marriage in the future. Its all unknown... maybe she was correct... maybe she was incorrect. Time will tell.