Monday, December 7, 2009

watercoloring, jamming, and thankfulness.

For this blog I do not really have any inspirational thing to write about, I am simply going to write until i do not feel like it anymore, which will be soon because I am going out with cody and friends to see a movie!
I have found a new hobby, painting with watercolors. I am not very artsy and im not very good but I like it. I like to think that if you pretend to be artsy then you are artsy. If you are interested in looking at my paintings and wanted to purchase one... then i would not hate it! If i like you enough then i will be more than happy to just simply make you one of your own inspired by you! But i cannot promise it with be Monet or anything.
Life has been interesting these days. I went home for Thanksgiving... that was interesting. I was able to go to Ft Worth with Kayla and hang out with my friends long lost friends Katy and Tommy, along with their baby precious pea jubilee! We are pretty much besties, i sang to her and taught her how to spell necessary words like JAM and ULTIMATE JAM... i know she is only four months old but im sure she is a prodigee!! After returning home, my little brother came home from bootcamp. That would be a whole story for itself. But i will say i did not enjoy it... mainly because of my thoughts. One night I was laying in bed venting about life to my dog because she was laying with me. As stupid as it sounds I also knew she would listen and not judge my thoughts.... but as i was being negative nancy and venting the Lord brought to my mind... 2 Corin 10:5 which says We destroy arguments and every lofty opinion raised against the knowledge of God and TAKE EVERY THOUGHT CAPTIVE to OBEY CHRIST. Yeah i got hurled with that one. The reason I was in a crappy mood the whole time was not because i did not understand why certain things were allowed to happen and why things were ran the way they were. Those things are true, but I was not taking my thoughts captive and making them obedient to Christ. Satan was attacking me and he succeeded. So all week i said over and over take every thought captive, take every thought captive. Sometimes i did not succeed but other times were a sucess. But i figure, that is life.
My neice should be born soon which im super excited about, its my first one and my older brother and i are pretty close. She and I will be sharing a room... which i was not to stoked about at first but now im kinda excited about it! It will give me someone to hang out with! Olivia is already dialated 1.5 CM!!
Cody and I are going strong.. the Lord is continuing to teach me through our relationship... I would put it on here but I figure its a little personal... but if you want to know you can ask. Im sure i wont mind sharing! Its been two months and quite honestly i have loved every minute of it! He is quite wonderful and im proud to call him mine... yes you can throw up now! :)
Finals are coming up and then Christmas break!! Im excited to be done with this semester but its a little unreal considering i will only have one semester left of my college career, other than grad school. Sometimes i think grad school is too big for me, but I also think i should prob sign up for the GRE and maybe apply to the school i want to go to! Or maybe figure out what i even want to do with the rest of my life.... maybe i dont want to be a social worker..what who said that... maybe i dont want to have a big girl job just yet... maybe i want to be a free soul...... okay bye.