Monday, July 12, 2010

one through seven.

Well, its been about 2 months since i have blogged last. Im sure you guys have been sitting at your computer hitting the refresh button over and over again in anticipation for a new blog! Even if you haven't please let me think so! thanks!! So much has happened since i graduated so i will put it in a numerical list for you.
1. i went to fort worth for about two weeks and hung out with my good friends Katy, tommy, and their baby jubilee! It really was such a wonderful two weeks in my life! I met new friends and had so much fun! I even went see Kari jobe for the second time, which always changes my life!
2. I turned twenty two on july 1.... i always accept late prizes. Its pretty much felt the same as 21 so there is not much i can write about it. I won a free cake and got a free cupcake... so no complaints! I mean lets be real!
3. The Lord has been teaching me so much lately. He has been rocking my world with phil. 4: 4-5 which pretty much says Rejoice in the Lord always, I will say it again: Rejoice! Let your gentleness be evident to all. The Lord is near. I feel like so much has been happening in order to let the verse be applicable in my life. I think im failing at it though. I was reading a book the other day... yes reading. Called A Perfect Mess by Lisa Harper. I have been reading it for quite some time and in the current chapter im on she was talking about how in the book of Psalms, most of them are psalms of mourning or lament. Each one of those psalms starts with sadness but ends with rejoicing with the acception of Psalm 88. Its so cool to see rejoicing in the Lord in the crappy times played out! It makes it seems more realistic.
4. I have been journaling lately and its pretty much been changing my life and i have no idea why i did not start it earlier. Its so easy for me to be honest and vulnerable on paper because i pretty much suck at it in real life. Im even bad at being honest with myself about life and this has helped so much.
5. I went frogging.... it was quite an adventure. I put on my chacos go in the boat and went. We decided not to use a gigger which is what most people use because it kills the frogs so they can be cooked. We really just went for fun and used our hands to catch them so we could put them back. However, we caught nothin! We did see three alligators, three raccoons, one nutria rat, and the big dipper!! Which i would say is a pretty successful night... at least to me! It was so cool riding out on the boat because we went right when the sun was setting so my favorite part of the whole trip was looking back and seeing the waves in the water from the boat and the trees with the multicolored sky in the mix! Not to mention my hair blowing in the wind and the sound of the frogs croaking.
6. I have entered into real life now and have been working a lot. Its lame but im closer to saving up for a car with the second job i picked up about a month ago! I feel like all i do is work!! I still have not decided about grad school and i have still not registered for the GRE. I think mostly im scared, but its real life!
7. This summer i miss camp so much. I miss the people, the campers, the activities, the fun. It makes me so sad that Im not there. I shamefully tear up everytime i look at pictures people have been putting up from this summer. I have to keep remember that the Lord is for me and He has me right where he wants me this summer. I have been learning a lot about his faithfulness.