Wednesday, August 31, 2011

never ending cheesecake.

Since I have moved away, I have to cook for myself. You know, like a real grown does. First mascara then cooking... Im not really sure how I will make it! I thought I could survive on chicken, broccoli, and sandwhiches but I'm already tired of those things so my plan is to make a menu tonight and go shopping for some thing to make some delish stuff!! 

Yummy chicken and Broccoli, the first time I made it! #thiswasntthelast

This is my homemade oreo cheesecake before....
(click oreo cheesecake for recipe)

 This is it after! All i did was melt some white chocolate and chocolate chips!! #champion
It was seriously so so so good and so easy!!  you MUST MUST try it!

Sliced that mug up! It lasted a week because none of my new friends wanted any and i was really annoying about it everyday inviting everyone over to have a piece haha! #noshame

Once I got tired of it, Alice' and I put some in a strawberry! My next plan is to make regular cheesecake and fill it in the strawberries then dip the strawberries in chocolate and or white chocolate! 

By the way today I linked up with Jenn for What I Ate Wednesday!

Monday, August 29, 2011


Friday was my celebration from being done with my first official week of grad school and internship! I hung out with my new precious friend Mary for lunch! Well, it was lunch at 3.00 and we didn't finish until supper time!  It was much needed hang time! Initial hang times with new friends are always my favorite because it helps me with vulnerability, which is something I am awful at! Plus Mary loves the Lord so it's always good to have Christ-centered discussions. AND most importantly I just love getting to know new people! She is also from my hometown so it's a little like home! 

 my date!
Told you she was presh!

our meal

the Yogurtland for snack after, Duh!
They have some funny Hello Kitty theme happening so all the cups are super cute and the spoons are Hello Kitty characters! 
dont judge me for going twice this weekend. #eatingmyfeelings celebration

Friday, August 26, 2011


My very first weekend in BR, My roomies and I went to a mexican pot luck dinner party at our new friends house! Im not sure if I told you about them but Beka was beth's friend from growing up and alice' and I pretty much deemed her our friend too. Through Beka we met her roommates Rebecca and Mary. Beth and I attended high school with Mary so we kind of already knew her. By we, I really mean beth already knew her and I knew who she was. I was not cool at all in high school so it would make sense we weren't friends. With all that said, it was at their house. It was so yummy!
I was thankful for this because It gave us an opportunity to meet girls who genuinely love the Lord. It was also really encouraging especially after all the weird stuff we observed around BR and campus!
After, we went to a movie on a baseball field that a local church did. The Count of Monte Christo wasn't so much a jam but the fellowship was for sure!!

Container from top to bottom:
alice' corn and peppers
Beth's homemade salsa
My mexican rice
Mary made yummy chicken enchiladas

Thursday, August 25, 2011

3 first days!

This week has been CRAZY! Monday I had my first day of grad school ever, Tuesday I had my second first day of grad school, and Wednesday I had my first day of internship! So so glad all those first are done! This weekend is my first weekend of balancing homework and life, eeepppss! During the week I'm basically going to have zero time for homework because I will not be getting home from internship until like 6 or 7 then its time to eat and do it all over again the next day!! ahhh so thankful this only last a year! I'm celebrating this week of first with sushi on Friday with a new pal!

got organize. All my classes and a 1 subj notebook and a folder so I can put handouts and the syllabus in it!

gotta look fly... or at least attempt too :) 
First day of school outfit! 
My second first day of school outfit was wratchet so I didn't take a cool bathroom mirror picture for you guys.  i know you are sad.

first day of internship outfit.
grownups wear mascara and because I'm a grown up now I wore it. For internship we can wear jeans and a shirt other than a t shirt, So I took shirt other than a t shirt to mean a polo. I'm not one for dressing up so I now have about 5 fresh lookin polo's in my closet. Well I have 7 but the other two fit weird but I'll still wear them if it comes down to it! 
Fav story of the day:
Me: hey I'm Shannon
boy: hey I'm ..... (confidentiality i can't tell you)
 *as he did a lingering handshake*
boy: how old are you?
Me: 23
boy: You 23?! I'm 17...
Me: oh okay....
   *then I felt awkward and turned around*

I obv wanted to be like boy.... you don't see my left hand?! get up off!

peace. love. first days

Sunday, August 21, 2011

kari jobe.

This morning was epic.... How so? well I will tell you!
My favorite worship leader ever, Kari Jobe, led worship at a church in Baton Rouge that I have been visiting! Seriously, she is legit. If you've never listened to her,believer or not, you should totally check out her stuff! I had seen her twice before and she brings truth ever.single.time. My favorite lyrics from  a song this morning are...  
Love came down and rescued me, Love came down and set me free... I am forever Yours. 
FOREVER YOURS.... How does someone even grasp that?! 
My friends callie and callie (better known as callie squared) had never seen her before and after church they wanted to creep her to talk to her and it was hilarious! Bethany had to go to the bathroom and as we were waiting for her, Kari passed by and stopped to talk to us. We talked for like five minutes and it was a jam! I could seriously probably be real life friends with her, on the real.
 first time I ever saw her.

 this morning, I pretended like we totally had coffee together.. it's okay if you are jealous!

Thursday, August 18, 2011

move in day.

On Friday, I moved away for grad school which explains why I have been absent from blogging and will probably continue to be absent from it. I'm a busy girl now and already have crap to read for my first day of class!
My family Jon Jon and I packed up and left friday morning at about 10 a.m. My sister thankfully rode with me! Im pretty sure I would have been a hot mess if she didn't It was the longest I have ever driven and we went a different way than what i was use to and ahhh I was just freaking out!! I was also nervous about if my poor little car would make it... no worries she did! I think she got a little overwhelmed though because as soon as we got out of the car at the apt she started smoking! I guess she doesn't know smoking is bad for you.  ;)
When we arrived, the chaos of moving everything in getting it organized AND fixing my car began! It took until around dinner time to finish so my parents ordered pizza we ate then they left :(  This began my time of crying at least once every day until about monday! Shame I know.Jon Jon left the day after my parents did and he said "see you at the end of September" blaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!! 
Baton Rouge is good, but it's not home. I get stressed out driving because the roads are SO weird here and I'm thankful for roomies that are patient with me! On Sunday Beth and I went to Istrouma Church, It was really good! The only faces we recognized were our future teacher and the guy we pay our rent to #nerdstatus. Needless to say, the first few days here sucked but I'm trying to make the best of it!! 
 this is my new home. #freakoutmoment

little big sister... so thankful for her! 

We figure if we say it's our home enough it will eventually set in!!

another freakout moment... paying our first months rent and getting our keys!! ahhh!!

this really, is just for your enjoyment because beth is out.of.control.

Sunday, August 14, 2011

first run!

Today, My roomies and I went running around some lakes for our first major run in training for our half marathon in December! We went bright and early at 6.30 and let me tell you.. .it.was.humid! We originally thought we went 3 miles and were upset because we were suppose to go four. After the run, we mapped it and WHOOP it was four!!

Also, I am well aware that I haven't blogged in a while but I moved so im trying to get use to this big city! No worries though I will tell you about the move eventually.... ha!

Tuesday, August 9, 2011


Saturday started out like any other day saturday would:
Wake up
be ready for lunch

Well this Saturday I had to make a quick stop by work to get someone to fill out a paper but then I was ready for lunch... like seriously ready. I hadn't eaten and we ran AND biked! Friday Jon and I discussed going to taco bueno because he really wanted tacos! I know this because he said "hey shan tomorrow for lunch lets go eat, I really want some tacos" I'm sure he thought id pick the usual Los Portales (LP) but I switched it up and I wanted a quesadilla from taco bueno so that is what my heart was set on. Back to Saturday... I come back from work ready to go because I am STARVING! He had to get gas first (still hungry) and then he broke the news that we weren't going to taco bueno but LP... I tried to convince otherwise but he wasn't having it. He was like okay well I need to go to wal-mart first... OH MY GAH can we just go eat then go to wal mart, I asked! So we went the whole time in there I was like I AM HUNNGGRRRYYYYY (yes, I realize I'm obnoxious) You seriously would think I haven't eaten in 12 years and I'm not ridiculously small so I really would have survived. We make it to LP, my dad was at a place next store... we chatted... I was still hungry. We finally go inside and they ask how many, I said 2... Jon Jon stepped in and said... no, we need more. Umm.... okay! So we are sitting there waiting... You remember how i was Obnoxious... well Jon was trying to buy time so our friends could get there.. but I messed it up. So we are waiting, I look outside and I see Megan, Melissa, Justin, Candace Savannah, and Andrew all coming up!! AHHH YAYYY!!!! They planned a suprise hang time for me as one of the last big ones before I move!! I was so excited.. but still hungry :) Then they all dogged me for  being lame! We eat then go get some froyo then go back to melissas for hang time and play time with van and andrew! Oh and we watched Cinderella because It's van's fav! Then they gave me and envelope with secret treasures in it so I could get some things I needed for the new apt.. like a comfortor and whatever else! Then we hugged said bye and planned another hang time for thursday... for real the last one ha!

In all this excitement, I was the Lord blessed me. The secret treasures in the envelope was more than half of what I paid for my books, so I got a lot of my book money back. Since I have been scared to death to move, The Lord showed me a couple of things through that:
1. He is for me, NOT against me
2. He is provider
3. I am His child and He was always take care of me even in Baton Rouge

junior planking happened in Splurge.

Play time with them is always a jam! Candace left before pictures happened boooo

Monday, August 8, 2011

another flat.

Confession: I dont really feel like blogging today but I am because I know you guys LOVE my bike riding stories... okay even if you don't just let me think you do.

On Saturday Jon and I wanted to go for a nice little ride. Well since our friends are building a house we decided to go look at what they had done so far. It's only about 10 miles away so that would make a 20 mile ride total. So we get ALL the way to the land and are on the way back and hear sphewwwwww. Oh what is that sound you ask? Oh just jon jon's tire deflating... yea we have ZERO luck. This time thankfully we were right by our sweet friends Casey and Allens house so they brought us home! So much for that 20 mile ride! 

 this is what they had done so far on the house. We also sent this pictures to lis to prove we rode out to their future home!

my first savage bike wound. I'm totally hardcore because I rode the whole way with my leg bloody. The next day my sister doctored it for me, because believe it or not they bottom cut is actually pretty deep. My leg got caught in between the chain and the bike so yesterday I walked around with dramatic bandaids all on my leg to keep the medicine on it! 

also, i move for grad school on friday. #scared

Thursday, August 4, 2011

plank that.

Are any of you guys up to date with the new trend planking? okay.. maybe not... But here is what it is.
Urband dictionary defines planking as this...

To plank. To lay horizontally in a strange or unusual place. To plank you must lay horizontally straighten your body and point your fingers and toes down (towards your feet), then you must name your "plank" and post a picture of the creator (of the plank) performing the pose on Facebook.

Planking is a great pastime for people who get bored easily and have friends willing to take pictures of them looking like retards. Public planking is more adventurous and is harder to pull off especially on things like: cop cars, public toilets, and in the middle of six way highways.

Planking can also be dangerous if performed: in places of frequent use, the tops of tall buildings and placed frequented by pedophiles and rapists.

With all that said and before you think it's the stupidest thing on earth, give it a shot! It really is kind of fun! Confession: I thought it was stupid at first but now I love it!!  Even Justin Beiber planks... Okay, maybe that didn't help my case with some of you so forget I said it! 

planking at JC penny
 Some funny lady stared at me and laughed as I was doing this one. #rude

Planking at a restaurant

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

What I'm Lovin!

today, I'm linking up with Jamie for What I'm Lovin Wednesday! 

This week, I'm going to make it a Music Edition. Mainly because I have been Lovin some ultra cool jams that you should know, if you don't already!

1. How To Love -Lil Wayne
I'm not sure why I think this is such a jam, but every time it comes on, I find myself turning up the radio! Plus, it shows he has a morsel of respect for some girl, ha!

2. Moves Like Jagger- Maroon 5 ft. Christina Aguilera
please ignore that Christina is letting ALL her treats hang out.

3. Stereo Hearts - Gym Class Heroes ft. Adam Levine

Whats been your favorite Jam?

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

gators.. rawr.

On Friday, I went to Natchitoches to an Alligator Farm with Melissa and Megan! Oh my lady ga ga yes that is the same megan from Mackey Madness :) Apparently, In Louisiana it's the place to go! I went once when I was in elementary school but this time I'm pretty sure it was WAY cooler! They have all kinds of different animals you can feed out of your hand like goats, deer, and a donkey! There are signs everywhere by the petting zoo that say "feed animals out of the palm of your hand. Do not stick fingers in animals mouth. We dont bite, but we pinch" I'm not really sure if that were the exact words of the sign but it was something like that. No worries though, I saw it after i stuck my fingers in the big ole' donkey mouth. The sign was correct... he bit pinched. They also have two "islands" on which gators live. As eery music plays, the gators come up to the feeder  who dangles chicken under their noses. It all goes downhill from there!

chomp chomp chomp!

see how huge that thing is!!! You know, gators only have one muscle in their tail? Thats why its so strong! Those mugs can just sink in the water like a rock!!

This is my new pal Ti'yay! Seriously he was so presh! His favorite thing was to race me on the water pumps.. even though there is NO way to tell a winner. We were probably BFF for like 10 minutes. Then we were at the same alligator feeding show and he chumped me out and didn't talk to me. #punk

Monday, August 1, 2011

little pea.

 This past weekend I had the privilege of going to the 2nd birthday of one of my ultra pals little girl, Jubilee (I call her precious little pea or some variation of it). They live in Texas, but went to Baton Rouge (my future home) to have a family celebration and I like to think I'm like family since I got invited! Jon Jon, my roomie, and I drove down to spend the day with them! I also got to meet her and her husbands new twins, Hudson and Everett. They are seriously the cutest little things ever! Since I don't get to see their sweet family often, I cherish every minute I have with them! 
While I was there I also got a tour of where campus and my internship were in relation to my apartment. Oh and Yogurtland and Izzo's Illegal Burrito.. You know, the important stuff! No worries, a Starbucks is also on that same street. #aintcomplainin

Most delicious Strawberry cake. Seriously it was four layers of goodness. I could probably eat it everyday, on the real.

Cute little pea and mommy

woo hoo!!!! happy birthday!! 
She was so excited for the birthday Sopapia thing! Mostly she put the cherry in the whipped cream over and over again just to lick it off!