Tuesday, April 26, 2011


So, in my little town there is only so much you can do before you get bored and have no place to go.... Jon Jon and I did all of those things. After thinking of stuff to do.. we decided to go Geocaching It really is super fun! Here is how it works.... you get a gps and locate the spots where an item might be... Jon Jon got the IPhone app which made it much easier bc it tells you were to go and how to get there... once you arrive all you gotta do is be sleuthy enough to not get caught. We found three last night and are going back for more today! Its really fun because you can play it everywhere you go... we already have plans to play on future rode trips!!
                                                    Our first one!!!!! We were so excited!!

 All it is, is a piece of paper inside you sign your team name on and date it! Some of them have prizes inside and you take the prize and put another back!
YAY!!! No worries guys thats not drugs... its the paper you have to sign!

The third one we found one inside a fence post! you had to take the top of the post off in order to even find it! It was wrapped up in a medicine bottle which was wrapped in camo duck tape! We tried to look for a fourth one but it was NO WHERE to be found and we were kind of creeping out the people inside the store, so we gave up. We like to think someone didnt know what it was and took it.

ps. yesterday i was listening to the radio and it said today we are getting a cold front so it will be 84 degrees. #coldfrontfail

later dudes.

Monday, April 18, 2011

Weekend! Whoop Whoop!!

This weekend the weather was FABULOUS!! Wasnt too hot, wasnt too cold!
Friday jon jon and I both had the day off so we rode bikes and played outside together! I then convinced him that he wanted coffee, its really cool how that works! Our next plan is to take our bikes off roading... we tried this time but it was muddy... i didnt wear the right shoes so i may or may not have complained. #shameful
Saturday Jon Jon and I woke up early to go for our long run.. he did six and i did seven! I also introduced him to honeysuckles!! Then we went to softball games  and then my mommy, big sister, and niece went to get some Yogurt at Splurge so we joined them!
She LOVED it!
Sunday some people from church went to a battered womens shelter to do an Easter party for them! It was so cool and the kids were wonderful!!

today... monday... i work... blahhhh

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Spring for the win

Yesterday was a glorious day! Why you ask.... okay maybe you didnt ask but im going to tell you! The day started off like any other... I went to work then came home. I got dressed and went for my daily run, which is where the glorious part comes in! While I was running I looked to my right and found these puppies...

HONEYSUCKLES!!! I have stopped to get the honey out of a few, what's the joy of a honeysuckle if you dont get the honey out... i mean come on people! Who cares if you look silly to passer byers with your face so close to a flower?! I dont know why i love them so much! I always have ever since i was little! I cant remember being in elementary and for mothers day the class made these little paper basket things and then we all went outside and picked honeysuckles to put in them for our mom! I dont think they are in full bloom yet so there were not a ridiculous amount, but its better than nothing!!! So minus the pollen and beetles i call this Spring for the win!

later dudes.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011


So last night I went to see Soul Surfer

It's an inspiring true story about Bethany Hamilton, a surfer, who wanted to go Pro but in the process loss her arm from a shark bite. No worries guys... she surfs again and goes pro. That's not ruining the story either, its the story of how she got there! She has such a heart for the Lord and is role model for many young surfers! Bethany is played in the movie by, Anna Sophia Robb who is also in Bridge to Terabithia and Because of Winn Dixe.... that could explain why i cried like a baby in the whole entire thing! Good thing jon jon doesn't mind that im super emotional and am guaranteed to cry in just about any movie!!
all this to say... go see the movie and bring some tissue.
boys like it too... just sayin

Monday, April 11, 2011

play time!

last night and this afternoon i had cuddle parties and play time with this big guy, AJ...
My sister and her husband named him AJ because her name is Amanda and his name is John wesley... so AJ... get it?

see how cute!

House sitting for my sister is one of my favorite things to do because...
1. free food
2. cable
3. big t.v.
5. doggy
6. did i mention cable?
7. house to myself
8. extended channels so i can watch degrassi :) 
dont judge me because i like love that show

later dudes.

Sunday, April 10, 2011


Well, today is Sunday and I had my interview on Friday for graduate school! My interview was scheduled for 11:20 and alice' for 11. We got there about 10:15 or so.... no worries we got to go early, they lasted about ten minutes and we were done. #boomroasted Apparently at hard core state schools you gotta pay to park... seriously do they not get enough money? You gotta pay for your car to sit on asphalt... get real! We payed for 2.5 hours in fear of how long we would be... oh we were done in like a hour at the most but we payed so heck yeah we stayed on campus to eat! Then we left.
interview went well! 
they asked things like what experience i had in working with different backgrounds, where I would least likely want to work, my strengths, and a couple more questions i cant remember... Forgive?
Next.. We apartment shopped! We viewed about five different places and were not impressed by any of them. They were messy, too small, and the staff did not treat us professionally. Then.... as we were driving we found a sixth one... it was a JAM! they were also flexible to our moving times....

its in our price range and everything!! Plus if we get all the stuff turned in on time then $435 of fees are waved!!! WHOOP WHOOP!!! 
How did i spend my Saturday evening you wonder....
good question.
I came to Beths house for a sleepover.... she was a former #bandnerd so she played piano,flute, and saxophone to Wondrous Cross while I went back to my #choirnerd days and sang. It's so understandable if you are jealous of us partayy animals.
later dudes

Thursday, April 7, 2011

kind of a big deal

umm, sorry i have been lacking in the bloggage. Like even more so lacking that usual! Its been a really weird couple of weeks so i just stayed away in fear of saying something i'd regret and just not really having anything to write about!

kinda like Eminem came back... okay maybe there is no need to be that dramatic.

Tomorrow is a big day for me.....
I have my grad school interview!! WHOOP WHOOP!!! Yeah, thats right... Im gonna get my Masters in Social Work. sometimes i feel really sophisticated when i say that :)  The interview is the last stage of the application process, so in my I should find out if im accepted to


Lets hope I get in because I would really hate to have to write a blog talking about how i got shamed! In this trip Im also going to look at apartments with Alice' so we have some place to live! Its kind of a big deal.... Its kind of a grown up thing to do!!! EEEEEPPPSS!!!

later dudes.