Sunday, April 25, 2010

a blog.

This blog is probably not going to be about anything in particular, i will probably just ramble. So please, get ready.
1. I have been making new friends and its really been quite refreshing. I have been struggling with friendships in general. All of my friends have lives that I am not often a part of. It hard not to take it personal, but its really not a personal reason. They are just moving on, which makes me happy for them... amongst my selfishness because i do not like change.
2. my internship is done tuesday... 425 hours later! It was a really cool experience. I learned a lot about adolescents. My most favorite is that they really are nice and caring in their own little way. We were doing a donut sale thing for Childrens Miracle Network and these two guys came up. One was this buff attractive guy who was very clean cut. He wore nice clothes and took care of himself quite nicely. The other was this not so buff not so attractive guy. He had food from lunch all over his shirt and did not take care of himself outwardly. If i had to guess, i would say he has some kind of learning disability. Anyway, they came up to the donut stand together.... i was kind of really surprised they were even friends. The nice looking boy bought the other boy a donut and even though it sounds dumb, it was one of the most precious things ever.
3. I graduate in two weeks as of yesterday ( I accept all cash and checks, payable to shannon smith). Its scary. i have no idea what im going to do. Im going to be lame and work in student development at school over the summer... money is money! Im usually a planner so this whole not knowing what im doing for a year is not exciting. I want to work with kids i know that for sure.... a day care i could work... but i just spent four years on a degree i would like to use. Are there after school places for adolescents? that would be fun... i could help with homework and be a secret social worker. :) So if you have any ideas of what i could do for the next year of my life... please dont be scared to speak up! Whatever it is though, it will be wonderful. It is kind of annoying but really cool that im freaking out over the next year and the Lord knows every detail!

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  1. I liked this rambling post, Shan! It was sweet! And even though we don't get to play and take field trips as much as we would like too, now that you are FINALLY done with internship, I'm thinking we can resume some of those play times. And even though you don't have everything figured out right now, know that the Lord does. And there's no better plan in all the world than HIS! Love you, Shanny bear. Thanks for the blog...and the DEMANDING texts to get on here and comment. ;)