Monday, May 10, 2010

i graduated.. no big deal.

well, im sure this is the post you have all been waiting for... I GRADUATED!!! Yes, i like to call myself Shannon smith, BSW!! Its been kind of a rough transition... emotionally rough really. I think that comes from the fear of the unknown though which is perfectly normal. Im feeling a lot of things like scared nervous excited anxious happy overwhelmed... A mixture of the good and the bad! Graduation day was good... i went to the breakfast thing before, but those are always awkward because they make you feel like you have no friends. You know because none of your friends go at the same time and everyone is with their families so no one acts the same! It's sad but true!! While graduation was happening it was kind of an overwhelming experience... i may or may not have almost cried but i did not want people to see so i held it in... which probably was not healthy because now it's in there and probably going to come out at the most inappropriate time!! The night before graduation was social work pinning ceremony. It was some what of a jam and somewhat awkward! After i went eat with the Duffy family and some friends which was pretty much an amazing way to end my LC career!!
This whole graduating thing has taught me a thing or two... most importantly that there are people who love me and people who are proud of me. Even at times when i feel unloved or unappreciated, there are people there. I know this is one of those things where you are suppose to be content in the Lords love and no that he is your forever friend and will never leave you. And that he is there when you feel most alone. Maybe it sounds superficial or maybe totally lame or maybe i should read the bible more but whatever it sounds like its just good to know that there are people there when you need them.
The Lord has been putting new people in my life which I am extremely thankful for! It's really been a good season of my life even though it has been way emotionally draining... but I don't think i would change it. I sure as crap dont want to go through it again, but i'm glad it happened!
As for what im doing next.. I have zero idea..... but i know what im doing now and i think im finally at a point where that is all that really matters. Im going to Dallas on Sunday for a couple weeks, which i think will be a very beneficial get a way trip. Then im going to come back and work at school in student development. During that time im going to look intentionally for a job... or wait for one to come to me... but, i will most likely look!

oh hey BSW!

oh hey new pals!

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  1. HOORAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Shannon Smith, BS. Oh wait, BSW!!!!!!!! Haha....CONGRATULATIONS, sweet Shanny Boo. I know you are probably sick of hearing it, but I am so so proud of you and how you got through all the papers, internships, and even dealt with "same-flip-flops-everyday-girl." Hahaha!! You are wonderful. And appreciated. And totally loved. Oh yeah....and a social worker. But no big deal. ;) LOVE YOU!!