Sunday, August 30, 2009


So today was a big day spent of alone time. It is something I'm working on. Today I got home from friend day at POA with Beka and the lights were out in cottingham. So I used that time to spend by myself... partly because no one else was around for me to hang out with. I sat outside and journaled about my summer for a little while. I listened to Kari Jobe while I did that and it was so peaceful. Plus it was beautiful outside. I went to work out for about thirty minutes or so and then sat in the sauna for about eight minutes. I then came back and found a friend to eat dinner with. I can not say that I am a large fan of being by myself all the time but I am trying to like it. Just like the sound of thunder is not comforting being alone is not comforting either. I would just much rather have someone by my side, even if we are not speaking. Just that we are enjoying one anothers company is so much more comforting to me. I know life is not all about comfort and we are not called to be comfortable, its just so much easier.
This semester I believe will give me a lot of opportunities to practice this whole being alone thing.. Im not too excited about it but I do believe it is going to be such a wonderful time of growing.
Well, off to start the second week of school!

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  1. Girl. I'm right with you on the learning how to be alone thing! But God calls us to time...and maybe even seasons...of solitude. Find fulfillment in him and delight in him. There is no disappointment in that. :-) Call me though if you want to hang! Duh. Love you.