Saturday, August 29, 2009

The first of many.

So, usually I'm not much of a blogger or even a person that writes about my life for everyone to see. People tell me that it is good to write things down so it can be processed easier hince the reason for this and my new found journaling that started last night. I figure I should write about my summer so I can take everything in and be able to constantly apply everything the Lord taught me. I am more of a poem writer so this whole writing things more in depth is new to me.
With all of this being said I will tell you some of the things the Lord has shown me over the summer. Please do not expect anything intensely profound because I look at life as a simple non complex thing.
1. The Lord loves me. Not just a love like my parents have for me, but a love that is never going to reach a comparable state. I have always known that He loves me but this summer I really wrestled with the reason as to why because im totally and completely undeserving of it.
2. Its okay to struggle and to admit your struggles. That is hard for me because its all part of vulnerability.. something I am no good at. Just like this is okay, its okay to look at yourself on a deeper level than what people see. But im learning and trying.
3. Self Confidence is important. I really can do things I just don't think I can which then prevents me from even trying in the first place. This is something I am working on as well.
4. Its okay to be alone and not surrounded by people all the time. Its actually good for you. I have been doing this and so far Im not a big fan of it. But, i'm sure something good will come from it eventually. For this very reason I am proud to say I have eaten in the cafeteria twice by myself.
I guess over the summer I really learned a lot about myself. I feel like there is so much more but this whole blog thing deals with vulnerability which as seen is learning number 2 I am no good at. So, I'm obviously not going to share it all and its so much you would be bored by the conclusion of it.

So, as I conclude this blog I will leave you with a little something I came up with while journaling last night.

It started with a tree stump and ended with a hug.
It started with hello and ended with see you soon.
It started with strangers and ended with best friends.
It started with six weeks and ended with nine.
What exactly is it, it is the most amazing summer with the most amazing friendship with the most amazing girl.

it started. it ended.

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  1. I am so thrilled to see this!! I love what you wrote and I am excited to see more. You are a beautiful person and i love you dearly, lil sis!!