Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Geaux Tigers!

This weekend was a big weekend for college football... Why you ask? Oh just LSU (#2) and Alabama (#1) played each other! No worries though, LSU won and is now the number 1 team whoop whoop!!! 
This is what I did to watch the game:

this is what I wore. I was feeling thug so I incorporated this into my outfit!

My sweet friend mary made Purple and Gold cupcakes for us!

half time show: Bananagrams

Confession: guys... I really dont care that much/know anything about football. I just  have to pretend I do since LSU revolves around it! However, pretending is fun for the season! :)

Also... My list of school things is now down to 2 and my big 10-12 page paper is almost finished!! 
I have 22 hours of internship left for the semester
Thanksgiving break is in 2 weeks! 


  1. WOO LSU!! And I love that you support them even though you don't know a lot about football :)

  2. Do those cupcakes have glitter??? They look amazing.