Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Weekend in Pictures

My weekend in pictures:
No worries though, it wasn't all glamorous, I had to get a new tire and my phone broke! On the bright side though, I'm officially cool enough for an Iphone :)

jon jon surprised me with these lovely flowers! :)

this yummyness was lunch

my favorites. Jon Jon and Doodle Bear
yes I sleep with a stuffed animal.

Sunday, I shamelessly watched 13 episodes of The Vampire Diaries... #dontjudge
Remember that BIG list of things I had to do before Thanksgiving?
Well, my list is now down to 5!!! 


  1. Jealous of your flowers, NEED that lunch, and think that that pic of Jon and Doodle Bear needs to go up at the reception. It's so presh!!!!! Congratulations on the Iphone!! Maybe now you can watch some good and wholesome tv shows.....??? Haha!! Love you, Shanny Bear!!

  2. Love those flowers- so pretty!
    Yay for marking off things on the To Do List!

  3. YAAAAY for flowers AND iPhones!!!!!!! Looks like an awesome weekend :)

  4. cute images... i need to get one of those because mine is falling apart!!!

  5. haha, i sleep with a stuffed animal too. shhhh don't tell anyone :)