Thursday, December 1, 2011

turkey trottin'

In the midst of closing out the semester and all the papers/projects I had time to do a little 5K on Thanksgiving morning with Jon Jon to burn off some calories before we ate them! I had a goal... I more than met it and I was so stoked!! All of this in preparation for my first half marathon ever on Saturday!!!! I thought the weather was going to be amazing but the low went from being like 47 to 57. Normally 57 is cool, but on race day 47 is cooler! Pray for cooler weather!!! I have a goal for the half but I really just wanna finish and not barf! I have been trying to stay hydrated but Ive been sick with a cold and it's so hard to drink when you can't breathe!!! However, I will probably cry when I cross the finish line. I have worked hard and never in my life have I worked this hard at something just because I wanted too!

look at that form.
confession: I was a chach and zoomed past all those three people because I like to savage the finish so people think I'm hardcore 

im glad he humors me and does this.


  1. Holla! Love me some turkey trots :)

  2. Awwww, Jon is precious!!! Hooray for you, Shanny baby!! You actually make me want to get up and go run. Except not really. : )