Monday, December 5, 2011

13.1 baby

Saturday I completed my first ever half marathon! It was so much fun and I'm looking forward to another one! The course was relatively easy with a few killer hills. Mentally it was super hard but I wouldn't trade it. It was one of the first things I have ever worked so hard for just because I wanted too! #accomplished Mile 8-13 were the hardest because my knees and calves were on FIRE! I seriously could not have done it without the Lord and without my friend Katy's dad. We ran together from mile 4 or 5 to the finish! He kept my pace going and just when I thought I was going to give up he passed me and said come on! I Dont think we could have done so well without each other. My goal was 2.5 hours and I met it, well with 58 seconds ha!! 
Sunday, I was so so sore. Like Icy Hot is my new perfume and walking down the stairs backwards is easier than forwards. Today I am a little better but still not 100%! 

Warning: Picture OverLoad.

Froomi (Friend/roomie) Love! Beth mad us these cutie signs and rode them around on her bike! 

not hardcore, unless you live hardcore.

this is our lets get this race started face.
 This is where I was thinking... AHHHH what if i have to take a slam in the middle of my run! TMI? 
No worries, i was fine :)

and we did it!

race tat. I may or may not still have it on.....


So thankful for a sweet fiance' that supports me and my endeavors.

first half marathon... BOOM FREAKING ROASTED!


  1. I'm supah dupah happy for you :) Sounds like an awesome race, and I'm SO GLAD you had good weather!! Congrats!!!!

  2. Doesn't finishing feel the best?! Best feeling in the world :) Great pics! WAY TO GO!

  3. You're so precious, Shan!!! I'm so proud of you!! And I'm glad you didn't crap your pants during it!

  4. I love your engagement pictures and I love you!