Thursday, April 19, 2012

BR Swag

Im pretty sure I have sat down to try to write a blog a gillion times but got overwhelmed because I feel like there is so much I need to update you guys on! 
School is almost over and my last day of internship is Wednesday!! Grad school has really flown by and I wouldn't exactly say I have enjoyed every minute of it, but as of March it has gotten WAY better! Seriously, over Easter break I actually WANTED to come back! Shocking, I know. I am a little sad that the BR joy came so last minute! 
Here are some things I have done:
Cirque Du Soleil with my roomies
I kind of felt like I was trippin' on acid during the whole thing

Mardi Gras with my roomies. We caught an unnecessary amount of beads

Cute friends came to visit me in BR

Made new friends

worked on my Chaco Tan

Registered for household items with my boo!

Played with this little squirt!

Celebrated my little Big sisters birthday!

ate PLENTY of yummy crawfish!

  I have seen TONS of beautiful sunsets!

crossed something off my bucket list

went to New Orleans for the first time!

Yesterday I completed my FINAL paper of my grad school career which was such an amazing feeling and Tuesday I completed my last grad school presentation! I have also done TONS of wedding planning! I got my dress, i've had a lot of craft time, the girls got their dresses, the boys have their ensembles, and all of our fabric has come in the mail! 
Even through all the bad stuff and missing home, I wouldn't trade the past nine months for anything! Of course it would have been ideal for the entire nine months to be like the last 2 months, but it wasn't. Still. wouldn't. change. it.
I am thankful I had my roomies, my boo, my pals, and my family to help me survive!

peace. love.  grad school


  1. I have been wondering where you disappeared too. I am glad everything is going so well. I hope you post wedding pics, being that i am getting married soon as well i LOVE wedding pics & seeing how happy people are.

  2. Looooooooooved this sooooo much!!!!!! What an awesome recap and I love the collages!!!!! I'm glad br grew on you.. But I'm MUCH more glad that you're coming HOME!!!!!!! Nonstop party times coming up!!!!!!! It is going to be such a jam. :) loveeeee youuuu!!!!