Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Just a blog!

I do not really a specific purpose of blogging at the moment, but my hope is that something good will come out of it!
All has been well lately, I think I am officially out of camp depression which is good. I have been having good days. I think the normalcy of life is to have some bad moments, so of course that happens. I'm learning more and more everyday to like to be alone. Last week was pretend its camp week so Alice' and I did various funny camp activities, so maybe that was a awkward type of therapy or something weird!
Um... I kinda have a little boyfriend action now and by kinda I mean I do. It happened Monday night at about 8:53 P.M. I know its really lame that i know that but please give me a break! He is one of the most precious things I have ever encountered. Remember how I said I learned about vulnerability over the summer... well now is the perfect chance for me to actually put that into practice and its been hard but its been good. Its not something that I entered into just for fun I prayed about it and processed it, then determined it was okay. It's definitely a new experience for me but I'm loving all of it... even though its only been two days!! hahaha!! We are currently learning to balance time between hanging out with one another and hanging out with our own friends without one another. I'm sure ill update more about him because sometimes I like to say dumb girlfriend things.. like for instance knowing 8:53. I thought about making a 365 day album on facebook and it would be entitled 365 days of having a boyfriend... but I figured that would be taking it too far! So I sustained myself!!
I am going to college station to hang out in approximately 8 days, I'm super stoked about that!!
Okay, enough of this pointless uninspirational blog... sometimes I feel like its silly to update this about what i do daily because i'm just a normal college student.. class work hangout workout. I feel as if i should put life altering words for my readers.. but I do not always have those!
Until next time ill leave you with some photos of me and captain (cody)!


  1. ya'll are too cute for words!!!!

  2. LOVEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE your little "boyfriend action" self.