Wednesday, September 16, 2009


"I just love music, worship music. When i hear it, i get it better than when i read it. When i sing it im not just yelling it. Im PROCLAIMING IT AT THE TOP OF MY LUNGS"

A friend told me that last night and i have just thought it was a jam since then. Think about how amazing that is... proclaiming it at the top of my lungs. According to the word proclaim means to extol or praise publicly. Publicy... not ashamed.

Last week was a good week, i did not so much feel as if I hated life and everything around me. I think maybe im slowing getting out of my not being at camp depression. Yesterday marked one month since i have been home. Its been a crazy month, but its been a good month. A time of growing and learning. Just a time of taking it all in. I have been learning that my struggles do not define me, however, what does define me is the fact that I am a child of the my Father. I am His child. That has so much more power than any struggle I will ever have.

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