Tuesday, February 15, 2011

My funny Valentine

So, yesterday was Valentines day...obv! Im usually not a sucker for it... well i was until junior high and high school. I can remember every feb 13th getting my mom to put sponge rollers in my hair so i can wake up the next day and have curly hair for all the valentines parties at school. Then in junior high and high school it was only cool if you had a boyfriend which i always never had! The Student Council or some club always sold carnations, of which i got NONE, and everyone pranced around the halls holding theirs..... YES, i was jealous. What high school/junior high girl doesnt want a cheap carnation?! In college I never really cared, i honestly liked to sit at the bottom of the dorm and wait for all the girls to come in to hear about their stories and hot dates!
This year was different!!!
This year.... I came to work, much like any other day and i had some purpler flowers in a mason jar, dark chocolate (my fav), and a card sitting on my desk for when i arrived! It was LOVELY! Later that evening my valentine aka boyfriend aka jonathan went on a lovely sushi date and too see this:
It was so so cute and clean! I totally recommend it!

and we took this lovely photo... its a little dark but still presh! I had to spell out L.O.V.E. with my hands because that is what you do on Valentine's day!

Then we were done and i was home by 8:45 and i went to sleep. Its really not lame to go to bed at nine especially when you have to get up at 6 AM every morning!!
We also celebrated the friday and saturday before by going to ft worth to see some friends! It was wonderful!! Jonathan planned the whole thing and surprised me with it a week before we left!

What did YOU do for Valentine's day?


  1. Y'all are adorable! I love the "love" picture!! Yay for love!!

  2. Jonathon = a JAM! :) Being adored NOW is worth more than 10 billion carnations in high school!!! :) So glad you guys had such a great Valentine's Day!!! (And Ahhhhh!!! You like a CLEAN movie???? Stop. Just stop it right now. My heart is SO glad! Hahaha!!) Love youuuuu!!