Thursday, February 24, 2011

bieber fever.

So the other night I went watch this movie with Jonathan!
It was so so good! the Biebster really is a jam! The film was not a lame concert film but more of a documentary of how he got where he is today and what life is like for him along with little concert clips. While i was watching it... i got a little emotional. (dont judge me) He has this song called One Less Lonely Girl and as concert tradition they pick a random girl from the audience and he serenades her with this song. Along with that, he also gives her roses and makes her feel special for just a moment. After, i started thinking... for a lot of the girls that get called on stage that could be the only moment that they have felt special in a while. Even if it was forced. It's hard to know what their family life is like or even how their teen relationship life it. Being a teen/tween is hard with bullying and all the pressure that sits on your back! So for this I give the biebs probs! Sometimes a moment is all it takes and those girls will remember that moment forever!

He also sold out the biggest venue, madison square garden, in TWENTY TWO minutes! Props because he works so hard at such a young age. Props because he loves it and is dedicated to his fans. Props because he knows that withouts his fans he would be no where. Props because he has cool hair :) Props because he is a solid musician!
His mother is also a single mom, which is hard to do. Props to her for not giving up and for trusting in the Lord through it all. Props for turning the biebs into a young man and not a boy. Props for being their in the midst of a hectic life!

What is your forever moment?
later dudes.

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