Tuesday, April 26, 2011


So, in my little town there is only so much you can do before you get bored and have no place to go.... Jon Jon and I did all of those things. After thinking of stuff to do.. we decided to go Geocaching It really is super fun! Here is how it works.... you get a gps and locate the spots where an item might be... Jon Jon got the IPhone app which made it much easier bc it tells you were to go and how to get there... once you arrive all you gotta do is be sleuthy enough to not get caught. We found three last night and are going back for more today! Its really fun because you can play it everywhere you go... we already have plans to play on future rode trips!!
                                                    Our first one!!!!! We were so excited!!

 All it is, is a piece of paper inside you sign your team name on and date it! Some of them have prizes inside and you take the prize and put another back!
YAY!!! No worries guys thats not drugs... its the paper you have to sign!

The third one we found one inside a fence post! you had to take the top of the post off in order to even find it! It was wrapped up in a medicine bottle which was wrapped in camo duck tape! We tried to look for a fourth one but it was NO WHERE to be found and we were kind of creeping out the people inside the store, so we gave up. We like to think someone didnt know what it was and took it.

ps. yesterday i was listening to the radio and it said today we are getting a cold front so it will be 84 degrees. #coldfrontfail

later dudes.

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  1. What in the heck are you talking about?? I want to geo something. Haha.