Thursday, April 7, 2011

kind of a big deal

umm, sorry i have been lacking in the bloggage. Like even more so lacking that usual! Its been a really weird couple of weeks so i just stayed away in fear of saying something i'd regret and just not really having anything to write about!

kinda like Eminem came back... okay maybe there is no need to be that dramatic.

Tomorrow is a big day for me.....
I have my grad school interview!! WHOOP WHOOP!!! Yeah, thats right... Im gonna get my Masters in Social Work. sometimes i feel really sophisticated when i say that :)  The interview is the last stage of the application process, so in my I should find out if im accepted to


Lets hope I get in because I would really hate to have to write a blog talking about how i got shamed! In this trip Im also going to look at apartments with Alice' so we have some place to live! Its kind of a big deal.... Its kind of a grown up thing to do!!! EEEEEPPPSS!!!

later dudes.


  1. Good luck, Shanny bunny! Love you!!

  2. So so proud of you, Shan!!! You reminded me to "take every thought captive" when Andrew was coming... Now it's your turn!! (To take every thought captive. NOT have a baby.) :) Love you, Shanny baby!!! Goooood luuuuuuck tomorrow!!!!