Thursday, April 14, 2011

Spring for the win

Yesterday was a glorious day! Why you ask.... okay maybe you didnt ask but im going to tell you! The day started off like any other... I went to work then came home. I got dressed and went for my daily run, which is where the glorious part comes in! While I was running I looked to my right and found these puppies...

HONEYSUCKLES!!! I have stopped to get the honey out of a few, what's the joy of a honeysuckle if you dont get the honey out... i mean come on people! Who cares if you look silly to passer byers with your face so close to a flower?! I dont know why i love them so much! I always have ever since i was little! I cant remember being in elementary and for mothers day the class made these little paper basket things and then we all went outside and picked honeysuckles to put in them for our mom! I dont think they are in full bloom yet so there were not a ridiculous amount, but its better than nothing!!! So minus the pollen and beetles i call this Spring for the win!

later dudes.

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  1. Ahhhh, I used to love eating honeysuckles, Shan!!