Thursday, January 20, 2011

I've found it!!

Growing up, I was never really good at any sport and I have been on a quest for finding a hobby. I tried clarinet in 5th grade... i always got in close to last chair. There was choir which i did up until college bc i was tired of the awful performance dresses. I did Youth praise team in high school too but i am out of high school so that ended. I started guitar.... uhhhh im not so good at strumming and i know five chords so everything i make up sounds the same. I did some latch hook things too. You know that thing that makes a picture out of little pieces of thread. Then lets not forget water coloring... it was fun... until someone said to me "that is the worse painting i have ever seen" it was my rendition of Bridge to Terabithia's ending scene. It was creative art. Then there were some abstract paintings but my creative juices ended and it was expensive. Im not good at fashion but i know what looks good and what i like. It usually never matches but always flows. Its nothing like a t shirt though!! I even did intramural sports and believe me, i was intimidating. I love sailing, but i do not have a boat and its expensive!!

there were food contest.... that would be 100 corn nuts.

there was gymnastics on the side....

there was rock climbing... but i had to get lifted all the way up.

there was paintball but none of my friends like it... prob bc it hurts. I still enjoy it though! its a rush!

There has always been dancing.... well since my college years
After all of this... or in the midst of this....
running! Its my new found love!! I usually just go anywhere from 1 to 3 miles a day but this past weekend i did 6 and it was glorious!! I did my first 5k a couple months ago and hope to do another in about 2 weeks! I love it because my boyfriend(jonathan) enjoys it and some of my friends do as well so I dont have to do it alone!! I want to do a half marathon sometime in the 2011 year so we shall see how that goes!! Im really just thankful i found something that I enjoy a lot!! I enjoyed all the other stuff and still do, but this is it!


  1. Awwww, Shan! So glad that you found something that you love!! However, I totally think that dancing is your best hobby! Hahahaha!

  2. Hahahahaha!!!!! This post made me laugh!! OUT LOUD!! Hahaha... the corn nuts picture of you is hilarious, having to get pulled all the way up the rock wall... HAHAHAHAH!!!! This is too too funny! But now that you have a newfound love, RUN the 13 miles to my house!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It would be such good practice. Those hills between your house and mine would make some nice calves. Just saying. :)