Monday, January 31, 2011

V for Victory.

So this weekend I had my second 5k (3.2miles) ever! It was the Spirits 5k, which is a local restaurant in town! It was such a beautiful day for a race and it was more of a jam because my boyfrannn came and ran it with me -sorry there were no photographs of boyfrannn-!! My ultra pals Alice', her mom, and bethany came to cheer me on!
So now i will tell you about the race its self.
Everyone gathered at the starting line

Then we ran and ran and ran! I ran the entire first mile and was feelin good other than the fact my hammies were killin me (Real athletes call hamstrings, hammies) bc i did an intense work out on thursday consisting of suicides and squats and other savage things. I like to think this will help me in my training! So as i was running i thought to myself... self.... surely this has to be like a solid mile and a half i have gone. No worries... i got the the line that said MILE ONE. ugh! So none the less i did what i went there to do and kept going and going and going.... until finally i got to mile two!! there was hope yet!!! I got so thirsty and usually in my runs i run to what i like to call the waterhole and then i run to the finish line.... there was no waterhole and i was SO SO thirsty! I kept going.. only i had walked a little bc my hammies were killin me and i was thirsty and hot! Then finally I made it around a corner and saw the crowd!!! So then i ran because that was all i could do to get there faster and get water! I finished in 37 minutes and some odd seconds which after a few hours i decided i was pleased with it! Those two shirtless guys you see in the photo above... no worries they finished in 17 minutes!
Jonathan finished a few minutes before I did because I told him he didnt have to wait on me because naturally boys run faster than girls! I like to be considerate sometimes and i did not want to slow him down!

Here i am running across the finish line, hold up a "V" for victory bc alice' asked me too! Now i cant wait for the next one! Until then i just train and train for the 10k i am hoping to do in march!

Thank you alice' for the lovely photos! :)


  1. Hahaha!! HAMMIES!!! That is definitely my new favorite word that you use!! And the picture of you finishing the race... Such a jam! Savannah especially likes your ear buds. :) Yayyy for you, Shanny girl!! I'm still waiting for your 13 mile run to my HOUSE! Don't worry - - with your extra-strong hammies and your extra-sexy calves, I know you can do it!!!! :)

  2. Awww, Shan!! I'm so proud of you!! You have definitely become a little runner!! Congrats! Wish I could have been there! If you need extra practice, it's only 109 miles to Shreveport! Go big or go home, right??

  3. Yay!! Congrats! How fun. The title of this post reminded me of a line from Run Away Bride! Have you seen that??

  4. way to go girl :) great post and pictures!