Thursday, January 13, 2011

Letter to the President.

Lately Human Trafficking has really been on my heart! I have been researching it like a crazy person and get annoyed when the internet at work is too slow and I cant fully look at something. Through my research I have found that it is an issue that many people are unaware of and I think it should be heard of! So i wrote the following to the president in order to attempt to make this happen!

Dear President Barack Obama,
I am a 22 year old with a bachelors in Social Work. Lately I have been following the A21 Campaign which keeps people updated on Human Trafficking, also known as modern day slavery. Did you know that there are 27 Million people involved in modern day slavery around the world? Or that one million children are exploited every year and that 80% of all victims are female? Trafficking has made an estimated 32 billion dollars in a year. In the United States alone, the average age for a victim is 12-14 yrs old and that there are 244,000 children at risk of being sexually exploited. My reason for telling you all of these facts is not just to push my knowledge on you so you think I'm smart, but to let you know that this is a big issue that so many people are unaware of even happening. This is injustice and I think that something could be done about it. People need to be aware and since you are the president, i have every reason to believe that you can do that! Maybe not to end it, but to reduce the statistics drastically!
Please take my request of this topic into consideration throughout your terms of presidency and take a stand! Take a stand against injustice!
Thank you for your time

Shannon Smith <------ pretty solid statistics. <----- the campaign that i have been following. You should check them out on twitter as well!


  1. You are SO inspiring, Shan! I love you!!

  2. Love your passion, Shan!! I'm so proud of you!! Even if nothing else, you have brought a lot of attention to it already just by sharing your heart about it on this blog! I definitely didn't know all that! But now I do.. thanks to you. :) Love youuuu!