Wednesday, January 12, 2011

a trip and a fire!

Okay, so i decided that my blog was really lame bc i never have enough access to internet to upload a blog with pictures. And i dont really know how to do anything fancy with it, so its just kind of an average blog. But i write stuff, so i mean give me a break!! Do not be alarmed though, because i hacked into internet on what was suppose to be my day off but i just got called in. Ill give you a blog first though bc i know thats what you really want!
Before we get to the blog, i have a story. Last night i took a shower. i got out of the shower and my roommate said oh no worries im just putting out a small housefire. I look over and the oven is totally sparking flames that will not stop. So i say, uhhh let me go put some pants on and ill come, bc thats obv more important than the house burning... or whole apt complex for that matter! So i put pants on and help. I got to do the fun part. I pulled the pin on the fire extinguisher and blasted that mug! Then there was a big mess to clean and out of control fumes, but hey the fire was out and today we got a new stove!!! JAM!
okay. the point of this blog.
A couple weeks ago i went to Tennessee with my friend bethany and her family to visit their family. We drove there in two days bc there was no rush! But when we got to TN it was snowy bc they just had a big storm. It was so much powder it was unreal! We went sledding and everything! But my favorite thing was when we went to kentucky to see a waterfall! My FIRST waterfall to ever see. They are such a wonderful work of the Lord.

The picture does not even do this thing justice!! it was SO much bigger!! Its the biggest one this side of the niagra!!

Here is bethany's family and i in front of it! We have been friends since sixth grade so they are pretty much like my parents as well!!!

Since creepin is a habit, we found this perfect little tree!!!
Its really tough to be rule breakers like beth and i, but someone has to do it!
We did learn though that we have zero clothes for this type of weather and TN people didnt understand that. We dont need that stuff bc in Louisiana the weather is so bipolar!
have a good day guys!!


  1. Hahaha, this is SO cute, Shan! I love that you posted with pictures!! : )

    You are definitely a creeper, but I love you!!

  2. One of my favorite blogs ever!! Hahaha... I would have had to pants on, too!!! And probably some mascara... both of which are MUCH more important than the house fire. Hahaha!!! And I loooove the pictures, too!! So glad you got to see a waterfall!! It really does look so so pretty!!!!