Wednesday, March 2, 2011

What i'm Lovin Wednesday!

Well, once again its wednesday! Would you expect any less than there to be only one post between the two! ha!  So its time to link up with Jamie for

Im Loving.. A Perfect Mess by Lisa Harper. I got it as a graduation present in may -shameful i know- and i started to read it but since im not a huge read i got to like chapter seven in five months. I wanted to read it again so i picked back up at chapter one a couple days ago and am ALREADY on chapter four!  Its such a good book about the Lord loves us despite what we do. It's a great read for any woman!

Im Loving... that i get to go to Atlanta next week with jonathan to see his family! Im going to try to blog about the trip daily for all my 14 followers bc i know you daily check to see what i write! let me dream :) I'll tell jon that we MUST make time for it!

I'm Loving... my Chacos! its getting lovely weather again so its time to start bringing them out and working on my chaco tan line!

later dudes.

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  1. Remember your Chacos tan?? HAHA! Love it!!