Thursday, March 31, 2011

delectable treats.

Confession: i like to bake sometimes. I mostly have baking parties with my grams but this time it was not... she will probably be sad that she missed out on this treat!
I made them for Life Group (homegroup for bible study) and they were a hit!! What is they you ask.... oh well.... just some.... uhhh..... Can You handle it!? Okay, here it is......


Ahhhhh I know how is that even possible?!  Look its real!!
yeah now go visit the picky-palate website to get the recipe to make these delectable little monsters!

now your challenge.... go make them and tell me what you think!
ps. kids love them

later dudes.


  1. Let's make these for your wedding. Better yet, let's plan to make them after the wedding is over... We can just bake and eat all that night. I mean, let's be real.... you won't have anything better to do, RIGHT????

  2. Oh my gosh, Shan, what are you going to do on your wedding night???? I cannot even imagine!!! HAHAHAHAHAHA!!

  3. Shannerooni, you might also like

    She takes pictures of EVERY step so you know if you're making food right!