Monday, October 3, 2011

Celebration Weekend.

Remember how Thursday I told you that Jon Jon was coming to visit me?! Well here is a recap of our most wonderful weekend together! 

Friday- We went to starbucks and whole foods for coffee and muffins, to the zoo and Olive Garden. I needed pasta for my TEN mile run on Saturday morning!! 
so tasty. Blueberry and banana Nut. With that pumpkin spice latte babeh!

after this photo was taken this elephant was so generous to demonstrate his pooping and peeing for us. His pee sounded like a roaring ocean. #iwishiwaslying

silly bird

giraffes are seriously my favorite animal. Look how beautiful.

fact: when zebras are in a herd the enemy cant pick out one specific zebra because their stripes blend to look like one BIG zebra. 

love him more and more everyday. We literally had the best weekend ever. Even though it's so cheesy, the weekend really did bring us closer and for that I am thankful.

seriously this was delicious!! Im not even sure what that Chicken/Pasta creation was called anymore but  I could eat it everyday of my life! This was a moment Jon Jon HATED being vegetarian haha!!

Saturday: I woke up, went run... it was not awful but I wouldn't wanna do it everyday!! We went to get muffins again because other than pancakes it's on of my favorite breakfast items. #spoiled Then we went to this cutie little sushi place for lunch called Tsunami. It's on the 6th floor of an art building downtown and you have the option of eating on the balcony over looking the water. It was beautiful outside so that is what we chose to do! Then we just played around all day and wasted time!

my lame attempt to be artsy like the rest of you bloggers.

seriously this was so yummy! The system was down so we had to wait a while to get the ticket which meant we got a discount. Both of these rolls for the price of that one big role. #jam


  1. "His pee sounded like a roaring ocean." Hahaha oh man did that make me laugh out loud! :)

  2. What a fun weekend! I love the zoo! And btw, at the Houston Zoo, they let you feed the giraffes!

  3. I'm droooooooling over all of this food! And I love zoos :) I'm so glad you guys had a good weekend together!!

  4. Awwww, what a fun weekend!! I want to come and play, Shan! Will you take me for muffins and coffee?!

  5. How fun- looks like such a great time! The zoo is one of my fave places :)

  6. I love giraffes as well! so pristine and beautiful. looks like a fun day! love your cute blog.

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