Thursday, October 6, 2011

lesson learned

Yesterday happened a little something like this:
wake up... run... go to internship.... yada yada yada. Boring day right? WRONG.
Four o clock hit and I as jettin' out because I had been there for 9 hours. 
Im on my usual route (Keep in mind I haven't lived in BR for long and I only know one route to internship and thats all) and I see traffic at a halt... and red lights flashing...
yep, it was an awful accident in the midst of my route.... EEPPSS

So, I follow this car with smoke coming out its tailpipe... surely they know where they are going right?! and surely they are going to the same place I am??? 
We going and going and going... then I don't see the car anymore but i see another car that is the same color and decide to follow it... 
Then eventually by the Grace of the Lord, I end up on the main road to get back to my house. #score
I look down at my speedometer and I see the Hot car Cold car thing next to it... no worries it was ALMOST IN THE RED #ptcruiserfail
it's serious business and I start to freak out... I pull into the Wendy's because i don't want to blow up. I call my mom freaking out... almost in tears... she is sick and cant think straight... #bringonthetears

She tells me to call dad... he doesn't answer so I kept trying.... he FINALLY answered. I tell him what happened and he says...
"all i know to tell you is to go into the Wendy's get a hamburger and coke and sit down until your car cools off" seriously dad? seriously... that is what you have for me. In the midst of this I realize there is a Mechanic shop right next door to the Wendy's... I asked dad if I could go in there and get them to tell me what it is with my car....
I was brave and made that walk of shame.... I spoke to a man with a missing front tooth and a neck tat... cool.... He took care of me though and for that I am thankful.
All this to say the coolant fan on my car broke and I have to pay 600 stinking dollars to get that mug fixed. 
Neck tat said he would order the part and fix my car first thing this morning! #thankful
Today I'm bringing him Oreos.

All this to say the Lord's provision was so visible yesterday. He led me behind those white cars to make it through the neighborhood. My normal route doesn't have a car shop on it. He put neck tat is my path. He provided financially. I'm going home this weekend and it very well could have happened on my trip. He proved yet again that He takes care of His children. He is Father. 


  1. Oh man what a day mama! I'm so glad everything turned out alright for you! And I must say, I love your dad's advice :)

  2. Oh gosh, what a bad day. Dad is hilarious. "Go get a coke and maybe it will cool off." Hahahaha!

    I'm glad that you got it fixed!

  3. Aaaaaaaaaaaaaahahhahahahah!!!!!!!! Shannon!!!! I seriously stopped and kept rereading like every little part because I couldn't believe it!!! I. Can't. Stop. Laughing!!!!!!!!!!! You followed a smoking car because surely they knew where they were going??? Then you followed another car because it was the same color??? Hahaha!! Then you pull over because you don't want to blow up?? Hahahaha!!! You are hilariousssssssssss!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It's neat to see that it was really the Lord directing your car... but you are soooo funny with your freaked-out self!!!!!! Dad's advice - ohhh myyy goshhh, I think I cried!! Hahahahah!!!!! I so wish I could have seen your face when he told you that!!!!!!!! And I want to give neck tat a big fat hug for taking car of you!!! I'm so glad you brought him Oreo's... you are precious! THANK YOU, JESUS, for taking care of my Shanny Baby! And THANK YOU, SHANNY, for making this

  4. I want to give neck tat a big hug for taking CARE of you. Not car of you. And I want to find somebody else to call neck tat in real life. That is a fun nickname. How about Jon Jon?? :)