Tuesday, October 18, 2011

to do:

oh hey there!!!
This little post is to share with you my to do list that is standing between me and my wimpy three day thanksgiving break... but hey, at least I get a break! Seriously, the semester is flying bye! It seems like I just moved to Baton Rouge yesterday!!! 

1. Turn in spring advising form (10/20)
2. Register for classes (10/23)
3. Turn in Mid term eval (10/27)
4. Turn in Field app for spring (10/28)
5. Community org event/ brief report due (10/31)
6. LGBT Journal (11/1) (11/15)
7. Implementation Exercise for research (11/1)
8. Presentation in Theory (11/7)
9. Work on Theory paper (11/14)
10. Ideal Human service Design for comm (11/21)

It's totally okay if you feel bad for me now! ha! jk... kind of....  Most of this crap stuff is just little sheets that I have to turn in for my internship... but the other stuff is big! 
Did I mention that I had my first mid-term... You know the one I worked on the study guide for for about 5 days and cried over... yeah that one. Well I got it back and I passed!!  Now my left cheek has a colony of pimples from all the stress! blah! 

In the midst of all the stress I went home this weekend and played with these two lovelies:
i CANNOT get enough of this little one.

who has the cutest niece in all the world?



  1. <3 <3 <3 Don't get too stressed from school!!!

    And isn't it crazy how quickly this year is going by?! It's almost November!!

  2. These pictures are sweet!! Come back asap.. Wade will make you a hot ham and cheese sandwich... again. :)