Tuesday, June 7, 2011

first day.

first.. why does blogger look weird?

Okay, so today was my very first day of school for my masters... it was crucial. Its an online class and its like one big skype convo with 26 other people. It's weird. Today my teacher said... i dont know how on earth you will manage to read 300 pages a week, but it's gotta be done. Seriously? please punch me in the face now. On top of that my books havent even come in yet, although one is suppose to be in today. The other not until the end of the week but luckily my friends book came in and she scanned it and sent me copies of what we will need for class tomorrow! So tonight after dinner, that is what I will be doing! The class is for three hours on tuesday, wednesday, and thursday.... so so long and its hard to pay attention! Today we just went over the syllabus but im hoping it will get better tomorrow when we talk about real stuff!

Also, im cooking some delish supper tonight with jon jon  and i will share the recipe soon!!

i was so excited for this moment.... 
and anxious.
Three of my other friends who are in the same class sat in the same house and sat through it together. #thankful

seriously, it was so weird.

hi teacher.


  1. Wow....that's crazy! I never knew they could do online classes through skype! That's a great idea!!! 300 pages a week is ridiculous!! Good luck!!!!