Thursday, June 30, 2011

princess week continued.

For week of the princess, yesterday for breakfast I got 
Blueberry muffins!! :)

Today was...
a Chick Fil A chicken breakfast burrito.
Confession: google didnt have a picture to do it justice so you dont get one either. If youve never had one, somethings wrong. It's seriously legit!

Tomorrow is my actual birthday and then princess week will sadly be coming to an end.... MAYBE since i have been kind of sick (congestion, snotty nose, etc.) Jon Jon will let me milk it more since this week i haven't given him a run for his money!! haha! #diva

how should i celebrate my last day of 22?


  1. You need a birthday MONTH!!! :) Sorry you been feeling bad, Shanny! How sad! I mean, really, doesn't June/July know it's your birthday week????? Ugh, really.

    And you should celebrate by coming playyyyyy with this Poole Partyyyyyy!!

  2. I've never had breakfast from Chik Fil A! I'll have to try it!