Thursday, June 23, 2011

good fiance award.

So, Jon Jon is obviously more romantic than i am as you can tell by our story if you read it... if not go find it!  I decided that since he was feeling a little neglected with the start of grad school i'd sneak into his apartment a couple weeks ago and have him supper cooked for when he got home.  Just to show him I appreciate him and everything he does. he had to work late that night so it worked out perfectly!  I went to the store got the Spaghetti ingredients then the magic happened! Our original plan was to go to eat somewhere so i figured he would come to his apt first then id walk over (we live in the same apt complex) that is not the case. He text me and said he was at my door so i had to make up a story... i told him my stomach hurt to go to his apt and id be over in a little bit. So that is what he did. He opened the door and saw me and the food... mainly the food.... :) and got so excited! His face was seriously priceless! It really was hard for him to control himself.
I like to be humble and give myself the good fiance award... luckily he does too! The award part not the humble part. :)

Here is the sauce, we used wheat noodles but we were too excited to eat so this is the only picture i managed to get. #delicious Jon Jon said it was some of the best spaghetti he has had! 
after looking at this picture I realized it doesn't look like the most amazing thing in the world... but puh-lease it tasted a jam! 


  1. Hahaha!! You're funny!! And it really does look like a jam! I could go for some. Now. Want to come over??? :)