Tuesday, June 14, 2011

stump face.

my niece, Abigail, loves Iphoto. She seriously thought it was so funny! I will share...

no worries about that scrape on her face.. she hit a stump... so i guess you could call her stump face!

 Also, class is happening and this is how i feel about it. Our first test is next week and Im seriously freaking out! I have no idea even where to begin studying! Why did i go to grad school again?!


  1. 1. I love Olivia's hair!!!!!
    2. That second picture freaaaaaks me out!!!
    3. You're so pretty, Shanny!! And I knoooow you can do it! Maybe a little homemade lunchy lunch would help you get through all that studying?? I will try to do better about that next week. Hope there is no strep in it. :)