Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Week of the princess!

Friday is my birthday! Whoop Whoop! I'll be the ripe ole age of 23! This year I have decided to milk its for all its worth.. and since I love it so much I may do it every year until i have children or until its a little out of control. 
With that being said, I told jon jon on saturday that starting tomorrow (sunday) I will be a Princess as to celebrate my birthday week! His response "you're always a princess" :)  I told him I needed prizes everyday and since he loves me and everything that comes with my ridiculous he is going with it.  This is how its happened....
Saturday my lovely servant jon jon told me I wouldn't need breakfast any day at work this week that he was going to bring it to me.

donut holes and coffee :)

coffee and blueberry pancakes and sausage on a stick... kind of like a corndog!
seriously, it may not look like a jam but go to wal mart and purchase them from the frozen food section.. LIFE CHANGING!

i also came back to his apt to do my online class and found these treats...
pistachios and cookies and cream mint oreo ice cream.

yes i love food. yes i got all these photos from google.

I will obv continue to keep you updated on princess week! :)


  1. The blueberry/sausage corn dogs freak me out... but everything else looks WONDERFUL! Jon jon is a jam jam. :)