Tuesday, September 20, 2011

in other news

Today is SUCH a big day in the media.. and this is why:

UNBROKEN dropped at midnight and has already made it's way to number 1 on itunes
I may or may not have it already and it is a JAM!!!!
demi haters.. stay away :)

this happens tonight... WHO IS EXCITED?!?!?!!!!
only I'll have to catch it tomorrow on Hulu because i have class tonight til 7 and our professor LOVES to go until exactly 7. 

thank you google for your photos



  1. GLEEEEEEEEEEE!!!! I have my DVR set.

  2. Not gonna lie, I definitely listened to the Demi Lovato album this morning. It may or may not be starred on my Spotify account...

  3. Ummm... I don't listen to Demi Lovato and I don't watch Glee. Can we still be friends??? Ha! Hey, I liked Soul Surfer!! At least we can agree on ONE media thing! Yaaayyy, friendssss! :)

  4. I seriously didn't even recognize her!!