Sunday, September 11, 2011

grad school date night.

hey, remember me? no? okay... good.  My lack of blogging has been from oh you know the 2 paper, journal and quiz I have due on monday and tuesday. Forgive? 

Last weekend this cute boy came in town

we got dinner

 and gelato for a snack... it was so pricy. I'd much rather the Yogurtland
im pretty sure they give you that small spoon so you feel like you got more than you really did because it takes 12 billion bites.
It was the first time we had seen each other since I moved, THREE WEEKS!!! ahh!!! I usually hate when we are matchy matchy and this night was epic matchy matchy but I didn't even care! #reallove

No worries though, the entire weekend it looked like this
tropical storm lee, baby fun


  1. Okay, WHERE did y'all go eat???? I want some!!!!!!!! And I want a picture of y'all together with your matchy matchy selves!!! And stop taking all these dramatic weather shots and scaring me to death! Oh! And. Come. Visit. Or I guess I'll see you in like.. October. :) Haaa!

  2. Aw! Looks like such a fun weekend. And yummy ice cream (: Blog about our stay right now! (: