Monday, September 19, 2011

kitty play time.

This weekend Bethany, Beka, and I went exploring in Baton Rouge. We went to cute little vintage stores and Circa 1857 again so I could show it to them! We went to the CUTEST little vintage shop ever, called honeymoon bungalow. Seriously from the outside it looks like trash, but when you walk in those doors... its magical! They have the store arranged like a house so everything is easy to find! 
When we walked in, we saw a cage of kittens from the Purr Project. It's basically a kitty boot camp to get the kittens use to being held and loved on before they are adopted. As we were admiring the kittens a voice comes up and says... "would you like to hold a kitty while you shop?" #yesplease Now you tell me, does that happen in everyday life.. heck no! This started our love of honeymoon bungalow forever! She was giving us each a kitten to hold and as she was wrapping him in a towel... or what they call a kitty burrito... she was like some of them have stuff wrong with them like ringworms, don't worry they are not transferable. She was just like I recommend you use hand sanitizer... umm... okay. They were too cute to pass up, so if we all get ring worms in a week Ill document ha! 

confession: I forgot to take a picture of the front, so this is the sign on the side.

This is just so you believe me! haha

our little kitty burritos

 hey cute little kitty... i think his name was ringo!


  1. Oh. My. God. I don't even really like cats (don'thateme), but dang. These little guys are SO cute :)

  2. Oh my gosh, that's so cute!!! BR is the coolest place ever. I mean, third coolest behind Shreveport and Pineville. Duh.

  3. I most definitely would've walked out WITH the kitty. That's dangerous for me. ;)

  4. Pahahaha!!! Did it remind you of home with all those cats running around?????? Hahaaaa, this is sweet. I think I maybe kinda might would have liked it. :)