Tuesday, September 13, 2011


I know I'm late, but in honor of 9.11 I share this with you.

you wont regret watching this. 
all ten minutes of it :)
It's a story of love.life.and death
most of all it's a story of Christ.
It's a story of Christ protecting His people.
It's a story of a man being a father.
It's a story of Christ being a father.


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  1. Shan. Seriously, amazing. I couldn't love this more... and at the end, where is talking about how he just wants to chase after God's heart, to be a proclaimer of the Good News of Jesus, and for God to rewrite the story of his life... Omgah, my heart could not agree more!!

    And I will start watching your videos from now on if they are like this one!! Hahaha! :)