Thursday, March 3, 2011

Dance Party Thursdays

So, this morning while riding the elevator at work I decided to do a new blog series called Dance Party Thursdays! I think it will be super fun! Whether you are a dancer or not... its fun to shake ya bootaayy! Seriously, you should try it sometimes! My favorite place to have a random dance party is in the elevator when its just me and my co worker, HannaH!  My newest venture is to Dougie. You know... Teach me how to Dougie!

Whether you are BFABB (born from a boom box) or not dancing is fun!
What are you dancing to this week?

Until next week i leave you with these two videos:


  1. oh how I WISH I could see these elevator dance parties!!!!! by the way I love your layout!!

  2. What great videos. I vote for this on Wednesday nights. I love Fridays with Shanny-Baby!