Tuesday, March 15, 2011


Friday night jon and i got back from atlanta.... only to wake up bright and early on saturday morning for our FIRST 10K (6.2 miles) AHHHH!!!! We were so excited i probably more so than him!! I had been training for it for a while because it was the next step to doing a half marathon, which i will be doing in december! It was my 4th time or so to run 6 miles so I was feeling pretty good about it! I even went to Academy Sports and Outdoors the night before to get a cool running shirt! The weather was the only thing that was going to be a major concern! Luckily it was AMAZING weather... well it got a little hot but for this time of year the weather was a jam! Alice' and Bethany also did the race... they just got back from Austin doing their first half! We like to call ourselves sole sisters... get it? sole... like the bottom of a shoe?! its hard to be that clever. They finished about 8 minutes before me, but hey.. i'm not complainin because I finished and I met my goal which was to do it in less than 1 hour and 20 minutes.... no worries i finished in 1 hour, 10 minutes and 33 seconds! Also no worries because my mommy, sister, and niece were also waiting for me at the finish line!!! After the big race we had a pancake party at Alice''s house, with some tasty wheat pancakes and turkey bacon. Her mom swears by it.... its not to shabby or maybe she is just a good cook!

here are some photos for your enjoyment:
no worries... alice' is just flying! my goal is to take a photo this hard core

Bethany was funny... she forgot her headphones so she used her iphone the whole way as if it was a boom box. she's cool

seeee.... cool new running shirt.

dont worry... thats just jonathan being a champion. ladies he is taken... back off!

precious little abigail.... i think tyra banks would be proud of her... America's Next Top Toddler anyone?!

you would think she just ran 6 miles....

later dudes.


  1. I LOVE the sole sistas! I'm proud of you all! You will probably be passing my lazy butt soon.

  2. Awwww, SO proud of you, Shan! You look adorable!

  3. Ahhh....maybe one day, I will run...maybe...one day

  4. Hahaha... the pictures of Abigail were hilarious. And I love your captions, Shan!! You're hilar. :) Can't wait until I am this hard core!!